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Psychological effects of light environment

When the light of the human eye, the brightness of the field of view of the distribution will bring vitality or tension. On the contrary, if the suppression of light intensity, it may have a calming effect. The psychological effect of color is greater. For the color information, one of the important role of lighting is able to reproduce or emphasize the right color. Especially in store lighting is the most typical, with light and color transfer product information to customers, to convey the correct information, stimulate the purchase desire, lighting method is indispensable.

The lighting design should take into account the use function of different places, such as the comfortable and comfortable residential lighting and the lighting of the office and the place of production, which should not only convey the correct information but also reduce the fatigue. For those multi-functional rooms, it is expected to be equipped with lighting facilities to meet the various requirements.

Comfortable lighting environment should also include elements of beauty. Whether it is the coordination of indoor and decorative lighting, or outdoor building landscape lighting, the technical staff are required to have a sense of art.

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