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Plastic package into the aluminum LED heat dissipation suite mainstream trend

With the general use of the LED lamps and lanterns, how to improve the utilization rate, decrease the rate of the warranty, extend the using effect, and at that time become a hot topic. LED lamps and lanterns is widely applied to various shopping malls, office buildings, streets, and many other places, but it still cause cost slightly higher because of the heat dissipation problem. For grab market, each big company has introduced the cooling machine set of new research and development project, from the original metal aluminum frame to ceramic products, and now very hot plastic cooling materials, these are all conducts heat better in order to go out. 
Aluminum is one of the best heat dissipation material, but aluminum is expensive and use frequency is low, the process itself is limited by greatly, thus less style, long past and update speed limits its development. Plastic itself is an insulator, and the cooling performance is better, price is low, but the opposite is true of metal, less heat dissipation performance, and innovative significance of aluminum plastic package be preferred in heat dissipation. 
In combination with the heat dissipation performance advantages and disadvantages of plastic and aluminum, LED plastic package aluminum radiator suite at all being developed and marketed, get the consistent high praise. The heat dissipation material is plastic material outside material wrapped in, while internal use aluminum for heat conduction, combining both advantages and disadvantages, so better product performance, thermal conductivity and its cost is under control. Other plastic itself is relatively easy to processing and shaping, thus the shape and style of aluminium plastic package was more abundant, also meet the application requirements of different places. 
Plastic package aluminum radiator relative to the aluminum has the advantage of inexpensive, reduced costs, meet the market demand, also let businesses at the time of production can meet the production demand, also can get profit promotion. In addition, easy to shape and make the material itself, thus it can be recycled, can save a lot of cost. 
Plastic itself is an insulator, security is very high, at all LED plastic package aluminum radiator suite after maintained through safety, safety performance is recognised by the outside world. To polymer LNP plastic delicate radiator with durable more security features, the cooling wash gargle interaction according to the thermal conversion up to 2000 w / , and the data is more than metals such as copper, aluminum radiator products more than 10 times. On the other hand, to enhance the service life, improve the utilization rate, it also made a big contribution in environmental protection, combined with the recycling and utilization of the value of the product itself has improved a lot. 
LED is one of the typical materials thermal conductivity, without the use of the radiator, but society also has many other items need to be applied to enhance the heat dissipation material life, such as interior parts, all kinds of electrical and electronic if radiator can be a wider range of application and promotion, the future of electrical products can also be very good improve efficiency, increase the service life, reduce the recycling. 
Combination with the characteristics of plastic and aluminum aluminum plastic package, to enhance the safety of the thermal conductive materials, and also improve the heat dissipation suite of practical, beautiful sex, also reduces the use cost to a great extent, is worth promoting safe cooling material. And each big company have developed plastic material package more efficacy and application scope of aluminum, aluminum apparently become the most hot plastic package, also the most durable and practical LED heat dissipation suite. 

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