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Plastic bag aluminum radiator is a "wind"?

As is known to all, heat dissipation material is directly affects the quality and life of LED lamps and lanterns is an important factor. Many manufacturers of LED tube light, photosynthetic efficiency than the expected value is low, droop too fast, the main reason is that heat dissipation is not ideal, therefore, in order to effectively remove the development shackles of LED tube light, an innovative significance of aluminum plastic package materials arises at the historic moment. 
So, aluminum plastic package favored by which companies? The application result in mainstream flow-through tube light? The development trend of the future? Today let's together to explore. 
Plastic package aluminum He Yicheng "new favorite"? 
With the innovation of new LED heat dissipation technology, the major material company continuously introduce thermal suite new r&d project, from metal aluminum frame to ceramic products, aluminum radiator material to plastic package, the discussion of the heat dissipation material never stopped. Due to plastic package aluminum in combination with the characteristics of the plastic and aluminum, strengthened the safety of the thermal conductive materials, also improve the heat dissipation suite of practical, beautiful sex, also reduces the use cost to a great extent, the current domestic existing companies to undertake research and development and application, including general photoelectric, kunshan nano, wei, auspicious new photoelectric, anson, SanZhi lighting, shepherd, illumination, etc. 
As the first domestic development and application of thermal conductivity thermal plastic in the LED lamps and lanterns suite (plastic package aluminum structure) of the enterprise, at the million photoelectric since 2012 since the first domestic plastic package aluminum radiator products, is widely recognized by all industries, op, hon, frequently on the photoelectric, leishi lighting, and many other first-line brands of sample, and also more than thousand smaller customers. It is understood that the current general photoelectric developed LED heat dissipation suite has LED bulb lamp, fluorescent lamp, tube lamp, candle lamp, desk lamp, lamp, street lamp, PAR lamp, etc., the PAR lamp above the maximum power of 100 kw, high voltage 4500 v, IP65 test. 
Plastic package aluminum as a new type of heat dissipation material, has so far been applied by some manufacturers, at the same time, view the blessing also makes it one of the hot topics in the LED lighting industry. Shenzhen anson lighting technology co., LTD. Technical director Li Tingshuai thinks, aluminum plastic bag the biggest benefit is the power of isolation can be used, do not need to consider high on the personal safety, the corresponding power would reduce the cost. 
Li Tingshuai admitted that in terms of overall effect, if use common plastic material package aluminum, cooling effect is not ideal, because ordinary plastic thermal conductivity is poor, the temperature of the lamp inside aluminum is relatively difficult to export. If the thermal conductive plastic material used to wrap aluminum, the effect is very obvious, but exists the problem of high cost. 
In Li Tingshuai point of view, is a good heat dissipation material for thermal conducting plastics and adopt the way of good thermal conductive plastic package aluminum is one of the more modest approach, although the cost of expensive, but the good heat dissipation effect, can guarantee the products at the same time also ensure the product positioning of the brand. 
Jiangmen Zhong Jinhai shepherd lighting electric appliance co., LTD. General manager also confirmed the same, "the company used high thermal conductive plastic radiator cooling effect can also be, feel is good, is cost is too high." 
Plastic bags of aluminium in the field of tube light application was available? 
In recent one or two years, as the major material companies have developed plastic bag more efficacy and application scope of aluminum, aluminum plastic package materials began from the ball steep light field into the canister light field of commercial lighting, etc. 
However, the reporter found that the current plastic package aluminum material, there are few applications in the field of tube light. "As a tube light, we now believe the economy practical cost-effective with stamping aluminum is good. If use plastic package aluminum, thermal conductive plastic bag need to aluminum, one good heat dissipation, have qualitative feeling second. If using ordinary plastic bags, aluminum is too low." Shenzhen anson lighting technology co., LTD is a technical director Li Tingshuai to news agency reporter said Aladdin. 
In guangdong SanZhi lighting co., LTD., deputy general manager of peng's opinion, plastic bag aluminum is by far the ball bubble lamp mainstream use, canister light temporarily application was available, but is expected to be more slowly, and now are mainly small and medium-sized manufacturer with low price competition, brand manufacturers will be very careful. 
We can't help but ask: what is the cause of the phenomenon above? New photoelectric technology co., LTD., chairman of guangdong auspicious Li Bixiang responded: "plastic package aluminum materials, low thermal conductivity, is suitable for low power products (below 10 w), according to the product is not suitable for high power dealer." 
Li Bixiang further explained, "on the one hand, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive plastics market is about 5.0, and the internal aluminum heat conduction system in 230, to the external, internal heat is very difficult to conduction heat concentration inside the lamp body; on the other hand, according to product large power and high calorific value of lamps and lanterns, aluminum plastic package materials in fire form of insecurity to people." 
Aluminum plastic bags will be the inevitable direction of future canister light heat dissipation? 
At this stage, even if the plastic bag aluminum material application has not been popularized in the field of LED tube light, but thousands of dongguan's photoelectric cooling technology co., LTD., general manager of JinTao very bullish on its application in the field of tube light, think aluminum plastic package will be the inevitable direction of tube light heat dissipation, will become the mainstream of the canister light heat dissipation material. 
JinTao from the perspective of environmental protection and cost says customers and end users for tube light heat dissipation, that plastic package aluminum is definitely the best choice: "first of all, because now the hardware has two disadvantages, one is the environmental problem, because the making process of the hardware environmental impact is very big, the second is now questioned very strict environmental protection, this is a very important signal; the second is the cost is higher. Because do a die-casting downlight, materials may not be too expensive. But now the cost of die casting, including the cost of post processing, the whole cost it will be very expensive. And choose plastic package aluminum tube light, can completely avoid the two problems, the production without oxidation processes, such as can greatly reduce the pollution, in addition, don't need to die casting, more obvious economic benefit." 
At the same time, for the heat dissipation material, JinTao thinks, because larger tube lamp, diameter from 2.5 to 10 inches is even greater. Therefore, is quite harsh to the requirement of heat sink materials, in addition to the heat itself, and ensure that it won't deformation and cracking in large area above. In a nutshell, canister light absolutely no single one material to solve this problem, also is not literally buy on the market a canister light heat dissipation material can be used to do, because it will be very easy to appear crack, deformation, heat dissipation is not enough, or color will be yellow long period of time, and a series of risk. 
Finally, for the application of heat dissipation material, JinTao stressed that "must be combined with the cooling scheme, according to the product positioning to choose the most suitable materials and solutions." 

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