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Physiological mechanism of color perception

There are three types of cones in the retina that respond to red, green, and blue light, and there is a corresponding mechanism in the light of the stage of the light that is related to Yang Herm Holtz's trichromatic theory.

The level of cells, three kinds of cone signals, have not saved the wavelength of light that only single phase brightness negative response response, with the longer wavelength from negative response variable positive response bipolar yellow green response, and the change from negative to positive to negative phase red green response of Sichuan these are sent to the feedback, bipolar cells.

The feedback signal, which is associated with the positive direction of the positive polarity and the negative response to the polarity reversal, is transmitted from the bipolar cells to the ganglion cells. By ganglion cells by the capacity of the wild received, when being adapted in response to irradiation brightness brighter when the "bright and dark type (dark Ming off), response light darker when the bright dark closing type (a dark open type)" and the relevant color; in response to "red green type (green red off)", "red green off type (green red type)", "yellow and blue open type (Lan Yihuang type)", "yellow and blue off type (Lan Yihuang type)" as a response against color box signal a.

Six kinds of photosensitive domain (bright / dark red / Green / Blue / yellow /) against color signals through the optic nerve by lateral frog shaped body is transmitted to the brain, produce shading and color perception of red, green, yellow and blue in the visual cortex. As shown in Figure 4.2, that is, there is a corresponding mechanism in the retina against the opponent's anti color theory.

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