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Office lighting design for special working conditions

1 large office space office space lighting, furniture is usually separated into many separate working space. The lighting design generally does not consider the layout of office appliances, only to provide a uniform general lighting, but should pay attention to the limitations of glare.

Because the file cabinet is easy to cause the work surface to cause the shadow, like this needs to use the table lamp and so on to overcome. At the same time, the utility model can be used to control the lamps and lanterns to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Due to the general lighting and local lighting, so pay attention to the problem of brightness ratio.

2 personal office lighting personal office is a small space occupied by people, so the ceiling lamp brightness is not so important. Lighting design can be carried out according to the arrangement of the desk, but it is best to have good lighting at any location in the office.

3 with visual display terminal in office lighting due to the video display terminal screen and the vertical angle of about 200 placed on the screen, the background brightness changes often, surrounding objects (such as terminal keyboard, paper, clothes, lamps and windows operator) will impact on the screen, so that the office lighting should be different the method.

(1) general lighting requirements:

L) illumination requirements: working face illumination level should not exceed 500 lx. If more than 500. X, can be added to achieve local lighting.

2) brightness requirements:

For direct and indirect lighting system: one is the surface brightness ceiling not more than 1 370C mu mZ; two is the roof surface (remove the lamp itself with the brightness ratio of not more than 20): 1.

The paper and video display terminal screen brightness between the ratio of no more than 3: 1.

The video display terminal screen, has the potential of reflection, the vertical surface should be properly adjusted, the reflection ratio is less than 50%.

3) visual environment requirements:

1 should be added to overcome the window curtains, outdoor high brightness.

The lighting layout should be reasonable, so that the reflected glare screen L minimum.

(2) lighting system requirements:

1) to achieve the lighting brightness visual comfort probability required, add organic glass plate or grid to control. Aluminum alloy grille can reduce the reflection of the screen. General grid size to 38 A MNL 50 is appropriate.

2) available indirect lighting, but the ceiling reflectance must be high, as with a white surface.

3) should pay attention to the uniformity of illumination.

4 Office of the office of the office of mapping lighting mapping of the higher quality requirements, if the lighting is not good, drawing tools tend to cause a shadow, affecting work efficiency.

(1): lighting quality indirect lighting and semi direct lighting mode can reduce the shadow. The direct lighting is also effective, but must carry on the lighting in the drawing table side, in order to reduce the light reflection. The lower the lamp reflection curtain, lamps arranged properly position. For example, in the area between the two rows of lights can reduce the screen below the light reflection, and will increase the reflection, to avoid the light from the observer. Above or in front of the transmitted: analysis of the relationship between the angle of reflection curtain. As shown in the figure

Analysis of the relationship between the angle of reflection curtain

(2): the auxiliary lighting lamp is installed with a rocker in the drawing drawing table for auxiliary lighting, can be adjusted according to the actual situation, eliminating the shadow.

5 record room lighting record room should consider horizontal, inclined and vertical three working face lighting. The uniform illumination in the record room is used for the horizontal working surface, and the local lighting can be arranged on the file cabinet, and is controlled by a single switch nearby

6 wash wash room lighting without uniform illumination. Lamps should be arranged around the mirror to have enough light, and the light as far as possible on the size of the toilet to facilitate cleaning.

7 public places lighting office buildings generally include the population hall, elevator hall, corridors and staircases. The lighting of public places generally light up a long time, but also pay attention to energy conservation.

(L) population hall lighting: Office of the first impression is usually reflected by the population of the hall. Lighting should not only meet the requirements of the building, but also consider reducing the changes in indoor and outdoor brightness.

Hall of the population often use glass and other modified materials, resulting in a very high reflection, this situation is more appropriate. If the use of mirror glass material, but also pay attention to the problem of reflective glare. In order to make the human eye can adapt to the change of brightness in the office building, the lighting equipment should be used. Design should cooperate with the architect, choose the appropriate building materials and lamps.

(2) corridor lighting: Lighting corridor don't cause eye discomfort and by the adjacent places. A line of light, such as a fluorescent lamp, that makes the hallway look brighter.

(3): staircase staircase lighting lamps and lanterns decorate should be reduced where the human eye shadow and the glare, especially to light and convenient maintenance.

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