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"OVO" the wonderful art of lighting -- back to the beginning of life

OVO is a OSRAM and Traxon science and technology jointly presented a sculpture lighting works. From Belgium and Switzerland jointly designed two art team works "OVO", works by huge wooden structure as the framework to form a dome, mounted on a water platform, in which channel can enter the egg. In the evening after the "dome" lights were opened at the same time, start out dry ice, light fog formation in dreamland, as the original back to life. Because go to the dome, people can see the changing light and orderly spray mist, feel smaller, become hatching chicks, waiting excitedly hatched. Designer Mustafa Ed introduced, "OVO" is Latin "egg" means. Symbol of everything that can give birth to life.

Visitors will see a play inspired edge lighting works, reflect the full range of all kinds of advantages of modern lighting technology. OVO is beyond the scope of art, is a masterpiece of philosophy and spirituality, and its various symbolic associations emerge in the mind, suggesting that a cocoon from the birth, nurture, bloom, fusion of the perfect link.

OVO lighting system is suitable for the long-term output of high-performance OSRAM, Traxon LED particles to create, the effect is excellent and the power consumption is only 700W, even lower than the consumption of a TV use. In addition, a lighting effect of RGB-LED particles and low power building, is the egg shaped sculptures off the magnificent and moving. Each of the LED particles can be independently set and control, let the work presents unique lighting effects, Ambilight, vivid. IP67 protection level LED system from Traxon technology, with Odeaubois and ACT lighting design company to complete the work of art and technology design and implementation issues.

In addition to low energy consumption, its sensory design makes it the highlight of the 2012 lighting Festival, which is installed on a 12*8 meter platform, which contains a 200 cubic meter pool. It is 7 meters high. Direct image!

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