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New New York TKTS ticket office lighting engineering appreciation

The new TKTS ticket office was designed by Perkins Eastman architects, whose design was influenced by architect Trey Ropiha (Choi)

Inspired by the idea of Ropiha, is located in the Times Square in New York, a father named Square (Father Duffy) on the triangular square. The new ticket booth is a combination of structural integrity and innovation, the world's most advanced glass technology and leading industry experts make the design into reality. It was a clever idea to become a new landmark in the city.

New TKTS ticket office


Eastman provides a new landmark for New York and a permanent foothold. The new ticket office is the selling point for the discount tickets on Broadway and off Broadway, which is divided into two separate parts: the glass shell and the structural support, and the ticket office itself. The glass structure looks elegant, but the complexity of the design and construction is daunting. How to make the glass structure through the crowded Times Square to reach the project site is a logistics problem. In order to reduce any possible impact and speed up the construction, the mechanical system and the two part of the main body has been pre manufactured and installed, and then put in a few hours at the destination. Located at the foot of the times square, 450 feet (about 137.16m) of the deep wells as a geothermal system, to provide cold or hot water for the radiation board / ethylene glycol, but also for the interior of the air handling units to provide power. The air handling unit includes a highly efficient filtration facility that can improve air quality for people in the ticket office and maintain a clean indoor environment by reducing dust on the interior surface.

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