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Magnificent Expo Expo Axis night charming

The whole world Expo Axis by 6 40m high Sun Valley and a 800m long membrane assembly. 6 different shapes of Sun Valley, the whole building looked like a giant transparent flower, crystal clear. A few hundred meters long membrane and Sun Valley connected into a huge dynamic wave, light and color in the overall level of membrane gradient, produce beautiful and vivid artistic lighting landscape. The grand design of Expo Axis has created four of the most high power LED distributed screen of the world's most spectacular backdrop, the art world of LED (1, 6, LED Yang Optics Valley) the world's largest interactive floor (Celebration Square), the world's largest film indirect lighting. Lighting design

The world's largest interactive LED floor (Celebration Square)

In the installation of lamps and lanterns, combined with the construction of the giant Sunshine Valley body, in each node of the steel structure to install LED smart star lights, with the point of the outline of the characteristics of Yang Optics Valley. The No. 1 and No. 6 Sun Valley number to reach a total of 71218 sets of intelligent lighting.

Sunshine Valley ontology building

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