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Macao hard rock hotel suite lighting design pattern

There was a strong contrast between the cross lights in the hallway and the dark walls. Room, the vertical and horizontal lighting decoration effect is also used in the bedside. The environment of the room lighting is provided by the decorative table lamp and floor lamp, these lamps are custom-made, the lamp cover is composed of opaque metal material made of mirror smooth, light will be hidden; the top and bottom end of the lamp with a matte glass, the warm and soft lighting environment. At the same time, there is also a decorative wall lamp in the room, the mini bar also has lighting design details for the environmental lighting supplement. Decorative paintings on the walls and other decorations are also highlighted by narrow beam spotlights. Located on the 27 floor are the two rock star suites. The space in the suite is divided into several circles, and further emphasized by the round decorative panels on the ceiling. The suspended decoration consisting of colored glass balls is illuminated by the lower light, which adds luster and highlights to the whole space. Two suites are equipped with dimming system, guests can use it to adjust the lighting of the entire room.

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