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Look how high level all useless heat quality is the core of the LED lamps and lanterns!

The appearance of lamps and lanterns is appearance, the core is the soul of the chip, lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is optical?? The rhythm of the inside and outside and repair, seems to have the whole life of the lamps and lanterns perspective a thoroughly, but ah, now the rainy season is coming, for an example of section should be: if a city's sewer represents the conscience of the city, so the heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns, is it easy to be ignored conscience of lamps and lanterns, no matter how good appearance how high level, the core and soul more noble, suffered a bad heat dissipation, equal to the broken completely overthrow of conscience, is a important point one ticket veto. Therefore, the cooling system of lamps and lanterns is good, not too important! 
LED lamps and lanterns is different from traditional lamps and lanterns, usually there is a sign: behind have a heat sink. Not because the LED high temperature need to heat dissipation. Belong to the cold light source, on the contrary, it is because the LED chip is "can't stand the heat," only to heat dissipation, enable him to err on the side of work. 
Heat generation and towards, a technique known as "thermal management". As shown in the above, LED chips, is the source of heat, which is the most afraid of high temperature position. We need to heat it quickly to the substrate, then spread to the radiator, and then send out to the outside world, in order to make sure the temperature of the chip will not too high. 
Over the entire process, is a set of "cooling system", generally can be divided into three areas: 
(1) the generation of heat: LED chip work fever; 
(2) the heat conduction, heat radiator are reached by substrates, such as the middle path; 
(3) heat of sending out: through the radiator heat to the outside world. 
How to judge the merits of the heat? 
A thermal design is reasonable, the lamps and lanterns of making fine, cooling capacity and power have corresponding corresponding relation. Volume and weight of the heat sink determines the storage capacity of the heat, so heat sink is a big tuo tuo commonly. Heat sink area determines the final distribution ability, in order to increase the area, it may cause a variety of columns, net, slice shape, etc. 
The radiator in the cost of lamps and lanterns of a large block. Some corners of the factory in order to save costs, shoddy, with little big. So the question: how can we determine whether a lamps and lanterns of the radiator do well? 
Of course, the most direct method is to measure the lamps and lanterns work when the temperature of the LED chip, technical term is "junction temperature. Whatever he did, and junction temperature control in the acceptable range, it is well done, on the other hand is to cut corners. 
Junction temperature is not so easy to measure, however, needs a series of professional equipment and method, can accurately measure the internal core position of lamps and lanterns of LED chip junction temperature. Sometimes, that is, using professional equipment, also can see from the external appearance, unable to further measurements. 

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