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London Olympic Tower lighting decoration completed two weeks after the trial

It is reported that Taiwan Tourism Board disc on the ArcelorMittal orbit tower, the Olympic park scenery will be at a glance. ArcelorMittal orbit tower 114.5 meters high, spiral grids by the dazzling red painted steel tube structure viewing tower. At present, the various positions of the lights have been installed, a variety of lighting effects will be two weeks after the trial.

Yesterday (18) day, London also has its own "Eiffel Tower (EiffelTower), at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 100 day countdown to the occasion, by Turner Prize winner Kapoor (AnishKapoor), ArcelorMittal orbit tower design (ArcelorMittalOrbittower) available at the bottom of the tower lighting decoration after the trial will start in two weeks.

London financial development company said ArcelorMittal orbit tower stands in the main stadium "London bowl" at its end with 250 different colors of light will, when the tower will become the East London landmark, the famous engineer Cecil de Balmon also participates in the execution of.

"Our goal is that, even after the games, the building will still be known as a stunning building in the east of London," he said. At the same time, he is looking forward to more friends during the Olympic Games to visit, travel.

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