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Lighting technology appreciation of Le CNIT office building in Paris, France

As one of the most representative buildings in Ladd, Paris, the business district of CNIT, a large-scale renovation project was carried out by Le. Light Cibles's job is to show through the use of lighting and interpretation from the architect Jean Luke Ksel (Jean Luc CroChonl) and Kunno Bruleman (Cuno Bruliman) new ideas on interior design and Jean Prove (Jean Prouve) "freedom" idea of building facade. In the main tone of white light illumination, respectively on the two large arched wall (100m long) and the vertical glass wall made a special design. In addition, in the process of the underground part, Light Cibles of the conference room and the 4 hall (Paris Expo Pavilion), different style of the hall and corridor connections between the building and the subway and RER, have achieved just perfect lighting.

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