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Lighting technology and rapid development of science and Technology City Lighting colorful

Since Edison invented the incandescent lamp in 1879, lighting technology has entered a new era. Especially at 7 p.m. on July 26, 1882, China's first electric light was lit in Shanghai, an important moment in the history of Shanghai's civilization and the history of China's electric lights. Lighting technology has changed from traditional lighting to modern electric lighting, and has entered a new era.

With the rapid development of modern lighting technology and urban construction, from the late nineteenth Century to the present more than a century, urban lighting has experienced four times of incandescent lamp, mercury lamp, sodium lamp and LED lamp. Especially in recent years, the rapid development and application of laser, holography, optical fiber, light pipe and light emitting diodes, and so on, make the city landscape lighting more and more colorful.

All these provide the premise for the construction of urban lighting, the development of the city and the increase of the night life of the residents, has greatly promoted the demand of urban lighting. The primary purpose of urban lighting is to meet the functional needs of people at night, so the city lighting is the beginning of the functional lighting, and the city's first functional lighting is from the square. The organization, the system, the unified management of the emergence of street lighting function, it can be said that the real meaning of urban lighting.

With the development of the society and the development of the human being, when the demand of the functional lighting is met gradually, the mankind begins to pursue the beauty of the city. City night environment impact on the night life is more and more obvious, the use of night light environment also from passive to active, from the original by setting the decorative lamps in the streets to decorate the city, for example, clever modeling all kinds of materials of lanterns, to modern building facade lighting form, city lighting is no longer a purely functional lighting problem, it also shoulders the responsibility of city night landscape. Therefore, the starting point of the urban lighting construction is gradually transformed into the shape of the city night landscape on the basis of the functional lighting.

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