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Lighting system design

After the completion of the lighting design, lighting and related physical descriptions of the state at the same time, in order to illuminate the space, and ensure the lighting elements meet the lighting environment, should be carried out as a means to realize the design of lighting system.

1 lighting design objective value set

According to the illuminance, illumination distribution to determine the value of the home, but also to consider the adjustment of the target level.

2 light faction and the selection of lighting fixtures

(1) the choice of light faction

(2) the choice of lighting fixtures, especially from the perspective of the light emitting area (stereo angle) is very important.

3 lighting fixture configuration

The non-uniform illumination of the working surface can not be generated. It is difficult to guarantee that the vertical surface illumination, which is usually used to illuminate the face, is more difficult to be guaranteed.

4 check the design target value

Check the lighting design plan, to meet the design objectives of the original design set.

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