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Lighting knowledge: lamps should be how to maintain?

Lamp maintenance Cheats: four strokes teach you easy cleaning and maintenance of lighting decoration is every family essential, like a woman's jewelry, regularly to do a SPA lamp, all the light can light up the night. I believe a lot of people in life are not very concerned about the cleaning and maintenance of lamps, even if the lights are broken, it will be considered to be the quality of lamps. In fact, when the lamp is installed or when it has certain law, if it is in accordance with the law of life, in the life care, proper maintenance and maintenance, the service life of the lamp is very long, unless you really buy poor quality products. In general, as long as it is not lit, it means that the bulb has burned, must be replaced. But if not completely broken, brightness is reduced, light red and grey, absolutely can not let down, because this may be precursors to failure, and reduce the lighting capacity is also driving safety hazard. There are several reasons to reduce the brightness, the most common is the light diffusing glass or the reflector have dirt, then need to do is just to use cloth or paper to remove the dirt to clean the lens. Another reason is that the battery charging capacity, the lack of electricity led to insufficient brightness, so the need to replace the new battery. There is a possibility to aging or wire line, thus affecting the power supply caused by resistance increases, this situation not only affects the lamp work, and even lead to severe heat caused by fire line passing through. While the use of a little longer shade is also relatively easy to dirty, especially in the summer, thereby reducing the light bulb itself, long-term life in the gray light will also affect our vision to varying degrees. So how can we clean and maintain good home "love light"? Here to introduce to the "love lamp" maintenance and cleaning a good way. A simple lamp, daily maintenance and cleaning in addition to the more complex process chandeliers, desk lamp, lamp, lamp of ordinary families can own the daily cleaning of the frosted lamps for example common to everyone Jianshao under simple cleaning method. Cleaning tools are: frosted lamp glue cross screwdriver, 2 pairs of gloves, clean towel 3, 4 beds, a herringbone ladder, 100 clean cloth 2, a bottle of detergent. Ordinary frosted lamp cleaning specific steps are as follows: (height of the lamps should be cleaned Caution! With two people, 1), herringbone ladder should be on the bottom side of the lamp (convenient pick shade) wear rubber gloves, a man climbed up on the cover will use cross screwdriver screws removed, and then gently will cover one by one take off. 2, small bucket of water inside a little cleaner, and then put the bucket, soaking wet shade with 100 clean cloth gently wipe. If the lamp is dirty, you can pour a little detergent on the cleaning cloth, and then use a clean towel to wipe dry 3, with a clean towel, etc.. 4, clean the chimney are installed by cross screwdriver screws can be tightened slightly will (note that screws do not wring too tight to avoid damaging the shade). A cozy little TIPS: home "love light" best year to conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance, such as by keep the lamp gloss, but also in the process of cleaning maintenance under the lamp lamp tube parts is loose and corroded, so as to timely replacement and elimination of security risks. Some special purpose lighting, special lighting maintenance the two, or installation position is special, there are also some special need to pay attention to the maintenance methods: 1) moisture to moisture-proof lamps. Bathroom, bathroom lamps and kitchen stove headlights, the device should be moisture-proof lampshade, to prevent moisture invasion, to prevent corrosion damage or leakage short circuit. 2 crystal lamp cleaning and maintenance. Selection of crystal lamps professional cleaning agent in crystal lamps spraying amount of cleaning agent, crystal ball or crystal film with the evaporation of the liquid and dust will be taken away; or to the professional cleaning business, let the experts cleaning and maintenance. 3 emergency lighting should always pay attention to. In order to safe and effective use of emergency lighting, should be regularly checked, clean appearance, not a trifling matter. Household portable emergency lights should choose a reliable brand, pay attention to the remaining power. A cozy little TIPS:1) crystal lamp cleaning more difficult, such as the need to disassemble to clean, will be careful not to leave their fingerprints on the crystal surface, wipe process may produce static electricity, clean the time to take the white cotton gloves, wipe with anti-static cloth. 2) generally speaking, indoor lamps should not be moved to outdoor use, the same outdoor lamps can not be moved indoors. Three, LED lighting and maintenance of LED lamps, we consider that it is more energy saving, environmental protection, no flicker, but in the long-term usage, LED lamps are also wear, plus some wrong operation, it is easy to damage the LED lamp. Even LED lamps, but also the need for good maintenance, in order to maximize the effectiveness and have a longer service life. With the popularity of LED lamps in 2013, more and more consumers also made a small series on the maintenance of LED problems, a small series of experts to answer one by one. LED lighting in what circumstances will be bad? 1) the quality of the LED lamps are more often a failure, when buying to identify the quality assurance of the brand to buy. 2 not in accordance with the instructions for the use of the correct use of LED lamps prone to failure, there are hidden dangers. 3) when used, the current exceeds the rated current of the LED lamp, which can cause some of the components of the LED drive power to be burned or breakdown. 4 (LED) "water mist" problem, the appearance of water droplets and water mist on the inner wall of the casing after a period of time. LED lamp generally consists of several different materials such as heat lamp assembly, made of metal, plastic lampshade; lamps will produce a certain amount of heat in the work, the different coefficient of thermal expansion of different materials, after long-term use in the joint of different materials to produce the gap and into the gas; when used in high humidity in the environment, the temperature outside the lampshade, lamp inside the heated gas will freeze if gas at the chimney, water vapor contains more water and water, will produce the phenomenon of light to continue after a period of time, this phenomenon will disappear. Therefore, the humid environment is also a factor affecting the life of LED lamps. LED rules and maintenance methods: first, buy Lamps, do not rush to install, you should carefully read the installation instructions, and then in accordance with the installation instructions in accordance with good lighting, or there may be danger. The structure of two, in a clean maintenance when the lamps do not change, not free to change the lamp parts in the maintenance, as is the lamp should be installed, do not leak, misloading lamp parts; a switch four, in the use of lamps, try not to frequent, although the number of LED light switch resistance is about 18 times normal the fluorescent lamp, but too frequently will affect the life of the LED lamp internal electronic components, thus affecting the service life of the lamp. Five, special attention should be paid, in addition to special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should avoid the use of wet environment. , the humidity environment will affect the LED lamp driving power supply of electronic components, electronic components damp, shorten the lamp life. Therefore, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the stove headlight LED lamp and kitchen and bathroom, bathroom, must be installed to prevent moisture intrusion proof lamp, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short-circuit. Finally, the LED lamp is best not to wash, as long as the water dry cloth to wipe, if accidentally hit the water to dry, should not turn on the lights after immediately with a damp cloth to wipe. Warm small TIPS:1) ordinary LED lamp can not be used in the dimming lamp, delay switch, induction switch circuit. 2) avoid high temperature and high humidity environment in the use of 3) LED lamps are mainly internal power supply, it is recommended that non professionals do not load and unload their own assembly, so as to avoid the risk of electric shock. 4 (LED) lighting fixtures are generally used at ambient temperature of 5 to 40 DEG C. 5 (LED) metal parts of the lighting fixtures can not be used to polish powder and other chemical agents. 6) dust behind LED lighting lamps should use dry cloth or clean duster. Four, the base of the lamp shade and the lamp cleaning method for different kinds of lamp base and the lamp cover is difficult to clean, clean concrete method Xiaobian summarized some of the more common lamp, can use for reference. Lamp base cleaning Essentials: floor lamp: floor lamp on the base of dirt, can be used in soft cloth dipped in detergent cleaning lamp, can be dedicated to pour detergent on the rag, and then wipe the parts of the rag. Table lamp: first wipe off the dust on the surface of the base, and then the liquid, containing abrasive metal products dedicated detergent on the soft cloth wipe. Chandeliers, spotlights lamps, chandeliers, spotlights are high, need to clean up the base, wipe to use handy tools, will light cotton or double towel over the set in the hand, can easily wipe. Attention to power, try to wipe with dry cloth, such as water, cleaning agents, such as liquid cleaning, as far as possible to wring the cloth to 90% dry, clean the lamp after the attention not to stay liquid. Lampshade cleaning Essentials: paper lampshade: should avoid using detergent scrub directly, otherwise it will appear damaged. The whole process should be completed as soon as possible in a short time. The use of resin shade: fiber dusters for routine cleaning, lamp after cleaning, and then run into the electrostatic spray, can keep clean long time. Folding lampshade: cotton swab dipped in water to wipe a little bit of patience, if it is particularly dirty, then the neutral detergent. Cloth shade: you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust on the surface, and then put a little furniture detergent or detergent wipe on the rag. If the inner side of the lampshade is paper material, it is best not to use detergent, detergent and other liquid detergent directly, so as to avoid erosion. Glass shade: to use a soft cloth for cleaning glass, carefully scrub, it is easy to restore luster. Frosted glass shade: soft cloth can be used to wipe, and can be dipped in a little toothpaste to clean more thoroughly, the place can not be treated with a toothpick.

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