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Lighting industry is the most lacking?

With friends talk to when a topic, I asked what the lack of lighting industry, the answer is more extensive, some say the lack of cultural connotation or, some say is the lack of brand building, said there is lack of thinking from bottom to top of the whole industry development, the pursuit of short-term interests thought occupies the mainstream industry.

The answer is the objective existence, is the industry criticized deposition, in fact I want to throw this topic is not what the standard answer, I want to understand what everyone is kind of reaction and interpretation of industry problems. What kind of answer and understanding are not important, important is the industry maintained a sober minded, they are concerned, identify problems, and make changes in their own positions, so as to influence the development of the industry.

This is a gratifying thing, as the industry, can start from their own to find the problem itself is a kind of progress, is an individual learning and progress, but also to promote their services business platform is becoming more perfect and development. But we focus, find the existence of this industry is the problem fundamentally more generally still lack integrity, run away phenomenon, debt default, arrears, occupation managers frequently flow and so on, these problems in the end or the industry generally caused by the bad faith.

In my opinion, the industry is the lack of integrity. Perhaps there are a lot of people do not agree with my point of view, it does not matter, at least not good faith behavior in this industry is not uncommon. Dishonest behavior is common in small and medium-sized enterprises in order to survive, many people find a reason, say, a commitment to do, where is a napkin, quickly lost the.

The old saying about as good as gold, in some costume drama we see a lot of people to a promise, a lifetime to protect or accomplish one thing. In modern society, many people lost their life basic moral work, mouth two skins, speak freely is effortless, promised the mouth is answered, finally all is white, not much is cleared.

Many contradictions are because of the commitment with the end result is different from the cause, in the workplace, many employers digging people to each other as "God", but once in office after getting out of the final part. There are a lot of business professionals do such a thing, there is a rumor, said that a business is not good, the ability to develop weak from a big company dug a development manager, this person does have the material, a dozen series of product development in the market to sell well, put enterprise into the road of rapid development.

The result is: the boss promised Development Commission hundreds of thousands is not fulfilled, the final court. This story, I believe many people all have different versions of the story and plot, but only slightly different circumstances, maybe a lot of people are feeling. Different stories, but the results are the same, that is not good faith behavior caused by bad situation.

It is said that counterfeiting and dishonesty and so on, are in the humble opinion of the behavior of profit there is room for survival. This is really true, this is the pursuit of the interests of businessmen things as unalterable principles, but the gentleman's love of money in a proper way, just for the sake of losing all honest and trustworthy, that he will only do a single death of a single. Like "monkey breaking corn" as always in the development of customers, is always in the loss of customers, so hard recycling process.

Such a process naturally it is difficult for the development of enterprises, honesty is the root of the person, if a person or business that these things do not have at least, that this person or enterprise wide road is also visible, relatively limited. May be too many people are quite smart, you live, there is always a lot of tricks or buried up like "mine" trick. Accidentally let people move at the same time, he may chuckle, but if the "dumb thunder" or the victim suffered counter-measures, the result is another matter.

For the lighting industry is the most lacking, I do not dare to come to a conclusion, but in my opinion, at least in this industry is not good faith behavior of the industry still exists. I will stir up a topic so that more people can confirm this phenomenon, if mistakes, establish an honest and trustworthy business environment is good for everyone and everyone is getting a sludge, not good deposit.

In my life experience, I rarely see how much depends on playing smart, careful to fully develop their own, or bigger business. On the contrary, those who like to lose the integrity of the honest road wider and wider, the bigger the enterprise. In our rural areas, the elderly often say, can suffer, next to the heap, meaning that people can lose the ability to accumulate human resources, in order to allow people to trust and recognition.

This change is "business vocabulary, people gather poly, who spread the wealth of scattered, Great oaks from little acorns grow. are on a brick up, enterprise development is the same, honest to win more respect and follow, good products, good service, good ideas, good network, coupled with the" good ", which is the most ideal result, can make the enterprise develop.

Lighting industry is the lack of what, I can not say, what is not important, it is important to find the problem at the same time, self adjustment, solve the problem is the key. Face up to the problem, find out the root of the ego for the first, I gradually improve, so as to promote the healthy development of the industry.

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