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Lighting design process

1 Survey

First of all, lighting design, according to the information to confirm the office building.

(1) to determine the purpose and purpose of the office.

(2) confirmation and construction related projects.

Conditions of a building,

Land and buildings


Room condition;

The configuration of the rooms in the building

Room size

Window location and shape

Room separation

Room interior

(3) utilization of room.

Working content.

Table and item configuration.

Age composition of staff.

(4) activity route design.

Work in the office are varied, with the content of the work room, the lighting environment would be different, when walking in the room to have the difference sense. To grasp the status of the route.

2 lighting options

A large room in the office for many items in the desk and can be placed anywhere, with more general lighting; divided small room, live tired won't happen the phenomenon of insufficient lighting or lighting, lighting circuit can be respectively independent, lighting.

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