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Lighting design: how to create a quiet, cave like atmosphere?

The walls of the sauna and steam room are covered with smoke oak that matches the passage to the basement. Lighting is embedded in the vertical niches of two architects designed on both sides. A MR16 spotlight is installed in each of the niches. The level of illumination in other parts of the space is relatively low, making the area feel mysterious and special. Linear low voltage lamps are hidden at the bottom of the seat step. At the bottom of each step of the use of 2 rows per meter 28W rubber packaging flexible tube, black smoke will absorb a lot of light oak veneer. Almost a warm orange light creates a quiet, cave like atmosphere and a sense of modernity. In the massage bath, sauna and steam room space after the installation of 11 spotlights. Use a narrow beam halogen lamp to increase the warmth of the limestone walls.

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