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Lighting design considerations in the office area

In order to improve and ensure the efficiency of office work, it is necessary to ensure that users focus on the work content. In addition, due to the long duration of work, easily lead to drowsiness and fatigue, it must be beneficial to relax.

In order to avoid the elimination of tension can not be returned to work, I hope the atmosphere of the region and the work area is different.

For example, if the work area by using fluorescent lamps for general lighting color temperature of about 5000K, the formation of high brightness, soft shadow space, while the rest area with low color temperature light source lamp, which provides the illumination direction, so as to provide a sense of extended space, or with low color temperature of light source low illumination indirect lighting, provide quiet environment. Because it can predict the preferences of the staff, so conditional, you can carry out some experiments and evaluation.

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