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Lighting design and appreciation in Beijing, China (1)

Beijing Legendale The Palace Hvar Hotel is located in Dongcheng District and Dongdan Campbell Street North Street at the junction of the Wangfujing, the core business district, covers an area of 1.76 hectares, the total construction area of 132 thousand m2, including a 17 storey building facing the crossroads, with 390 rooms, super platinum five-star hotel, senior residential apartments for a 10 storey building with 79 sets the room and a 17 storey. The appearance of Legendale hotel building in the French classical style as the theme, with rigorous composition classical garden landscape, showing a distinct style of Beijing and other hotel. The hotel investors hope that through the appearance of decorative lighting, make the night more eye-catching building Cui chen. The designers of BPI take the classical beauty of architecture as the starting point, and show the perceptual and delicate side of the building through the light.

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