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Lighting control and emergency lighting in hospital lighting design

Hospital lighting control should be designed according to the specific circumstances of each department. Registration, therapeutic room, the use of time are generally fixed, lighting design should ensure that the use of time, the number can be reduced. Such as 100% in the morning, after the end of the registration reduced to 30% and so on

Inspection, operation room and management room at any time when necessary to switch lights, these places are more difficult to control according to time, so the division of the lighter the better.

Ward corridor lighting should be based on the time to switch light control. According to the day, night, night control illuminance. General room should be set to control the lighting switch.

Emergency lighting

For emergency lighting, fire, power failure, etc., according to the lighting standards, must be equipped with emergency lighting and fire fighting lights. A variety of laws and regulations have their own set of standards, must be designed according to standards. There is no provision for t emergency lighting in the ward, but should be considered in the overall design.

Design should take into account the case of hospital asylum not only health, but also the patient, the time required for compliance is relatively long, in the selection of products, the capacity of the battery, generator operation time, etc. need to be considered.

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