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Lighting case appreciation: the sublime bath of light

From October 24, 2009 to April 5, 2010, along the steep stairs down into the visual space to Wolfsburg art museum visitors, make yourself bathed in the light of the sublime ", they can mobilize all the senses to experience space in these buildings is how to integrate the elements in the same field, resulting in a sense of feeling lost. When the light point to the distant empty place, surface characteristics and color space and interact to create an atmosphere that makes the viewer completely enveloped and stimulate their senses. The viewer is drowned in a world of mystery and pure light. In this unique light of space, any other official feeling are excluded, the audience completely rely on the stimulation of light triggered their inner perception experience. This is the kind of experience that is described as "in your eyes", which he believes is not only aesthetic, but also spiritual. It is completely empty, there is no furniture in the room, only a strong, slowly changing light and color, which is a new feature of this type of work.

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