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Light source: lighting source and its application

Lighting, as the name suggests, a bright light. Lighting will have a light source, we see the daily light source, can be divided into artificial light source and non artificial light two categories. In artificial light source, the most used is the electric light source. As

Lighting designers, in-depth understanding of some of the basic characteristics of light sources and how to properly use their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, become a required course for lighting designers, should be aware of the content. Currently, being modified

The new design specification, lighting places for the requirements of the light source is more perfect and specific. In this case, many lighting designers require further in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the light source in order to be more reasonable in the project

Selection of light source.

Several commonly used parameters, a electric light source

1 light emitting efficiency

How much is the efficiency of electrical energy into light energy can be changed into 1W? How much light? Let's take a look at the electromagnetic spectrum. The so-called "spectrum" is in accordance with the type of object with a curve or a neat square

Arranged in. For example, genealogy, is arranged according to age and blood; recipes, is arranged by category. We have to talk about the spectrum, the people do not speak, others do not want to deal with you.

Electromagnetic spectrum is a big family, it is divided according to wavelength or frequency, wavelength from 10 m to 15 to 108

M is a member of the family. The wavelengths are from short to long, which are cosmic rays, gamma rays, X rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays, radar, television, radio, power transmission, etc.. The wavelength range of visible light is

380 ~ 780nm. Nm (nm) is a unit of length, 1nm equal to 1/1000000000 meters. It can be seen that the visible light is a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Within the range of 380 to 780nm, is not every wavelength we can see as "not clear"?. Studies have shown that the eyes of the 555nm yellow and green light to see the most clear

Chu". The electrical power of 1W is fully turned into 555nm Huang Lvguang for 683 lm. For other wavelengths of light, we seem to have to "discount"". Different wavelength, playing "discount" is also different.

The figures in the table into a curve, this curve has a proper noun, called the spectral luminous efficiency of human". In fact, the spectral efficiency of the human eye is divided into "clear visual spectral light efficiency" and "dark visual spectral light efficiency", here is not much to say.

Source converts electrical energy into light energy, even if all fall in the visible wavelength range, we can not all "see", but to call a discount". Because of this, the light source in the electric energy into light energy, not the percentage of efficiency, but with each W power into a number of lumens of light to express. The lumen of light is the power of the light that can be perceived by us.

2 light source color

People at a very young age can distinguish the color, but the color is very accurate is not easy. There are many methods of expressing colors, for example, in words; in words and numbers

Such expression. It is not enough to describe the characteristics of a color if it is expressed in words; if it is expressed in a chromaticity diagram, it is too complicated and difficult to understand. In practical work, we often use the color rendering index and color temperature to express

Light color. Using these two parameters to describe the color is not very accurate, but it can easily and accurately describe the color characteristics of the light source.


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