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Light environment and light culture

From the perspective of light, the earth we live in has two worlds: one belongs to the day and the other belongs to the night. The alternation of day and night is the natural law of the rotation and revolution of the earth, which enables us to perceive the change of light. Day and night occupy equal status in our lives. Used to gain mastery of the "light" ability in humans failed after the last rays when the sun disappeared below the horizon, diffuse or darkness comes. In the long history of human development, the first successful artificial fire, is the use of human nature to create the beginning of light, it illuminates the course of human civilization. The invention and popularization of electric lights make people really become the masters of the night. The emergence of artificial light has changed our lives, making the world a wonderful sunset. After 1960s, the maturity of the industrialized society and the rapid development of science and technology have further changed the basic life of human society. Human life becomes more colorful and diversified. "Light" has a wider range of uses and meanings, and the construction of the light environment has become an important link in the design of environmental space. Lighting design has become the stage of space attraction.

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