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Light and electrical knowledge

A light source, the classification of electric light source includes a heat radiation source, a gas discharge light source and solid discharge light source of three kinds of light source. The thermal radiation light source includes ordinary incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. Gas discharge light source comprises a low-pressure gas discharge light source and high pressure gas discharge lamp. Fixed discharge light source is mainly refers to the LED lamp.

1, incandescent lamp

The electric current is heated to incandescence by a tungsten wire. When Edison invented the light bulb, it was a carbon filament bulb. Modern incandescent bulbs are tungsten filament bulbs, most of which are filled with inert gases.

Halogen bulb is the latest development of incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs are added, longer life, more efficient.

2, gas discharge lamp

After the gas discharge of the light source type is formed, the gas atom emits light directly, or sends out the ultraviolet light to excite the phosphor to emit visible light. The efficiency of the gas discharge lamp is much higher than that of the incandescent bulb.

Low pressure gas discharge lamp commonly used types of straight tube fluorescent lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, low pressure sodium lamp.

NVC straight tube type fluorescent lamp is designed by using the double helical filament, the product life of up to 8000 hours; the built-in protection ring design, reduce the light ends of black, light lasting bright and clear; color is good, fully applicable to a variety of basic lighting occasions; standard lamp, easy installation, strong substitutability.

NVC compact fluorescent lamps using high-quality three color powder, lead-free lamp, lamp using solid mercury technology, energy efficiency reached the national standard level two, more environmentally friendly energy-saving, lighting effect is better.

NVC safe, low pressure sodium lamp light color, long service life, can be UV design.

High pressure gas discharge lamp (HID) commonly used high-pressure mercury lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp. Ceramic metal halide lamp is the latest development of HID.

GE ceramic metal halide lamp has high reliability, constant color and light, light temperature deviation between lamp and lamp is small, color temperature drift is small, color rendering is good, completely put an end to UV protection, long life, and the application field is more and more widely. GE ceramic metal halide lamp is the world's leading level.

Two, the working principle of fluorescent lamp and LED lamp

1, fluorescent lamp working principle

Conductive heating filament, a cathode emits electrons, and the inert gas inside the tube filling and collision ionization of mercury, mercury vapor is liquefied, in electron impact and both ends of the electric field, mercury ions ionization, ion movement formation gas discharge, namely arc discharge, and release energy and produce ultraviolet light (wavelength 253.7nm). The glass tube fluorescent powder on the inner wall of the UV absorbing energy, and emit visible light excitation. Low pressure mercury (Shui Yin) vapor discharge lamp.

Energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp tube comprises a straight pipe, 2D pipe, the annular tube.

2, solid light source -LED

In the field of lighting and decorative lighting, the application of LED light emitting products is attracting worldwide attention. Because LED is a kind of long life (normal light 5-10 million hours), anti vibration, low power consumption, no radiation, energy saving and environmental protection type light source, twenty-first Century will be as the core to solid luminescent materials, new, green lighting source is represented by the LED century.

Three, the advantages and disadvantages of light source comparison




Incandescent tungsten halogen lamp

Cheap, just a little bright color is good

Short life

Energy saving lamp / fluorescent lamp

High luminous efficiency, long life, soft light

Small luminous range

Metal halide lamp

High luminous efficiency, long life and good color rendering

Must be equipped with ballast, trigger, capacitor, and the ability to start again poor voltage range requirements

Sodium lamp

The highest luminous efficiency and the longest service life

Ballast, trigger, capacitor, poor color rendering


Long life, energy saving and environmental protection

Low illumination

Four, 1, electrical knowledge of electronic ballasts and Transformers: ballast is installed in the power supply and the gas discharge lamp, the lamp can work stably and the lamp current is limited to the desired value of the device. At present, there are two kinds of common ballast which are inductive ballast and electronic ballast. NVC electronic ballast meets 3C safety and performance of the new standard, with GB15143 and GB/T15144; EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) superior performance; high power factor (power factor >0.95) more energy; lumen coefficient >95%, high efficiency; working temperature of -20 DEG C +80 C, with more suitable environment lighting; the highest surface the temperature rise of 60 degrees Celsius, with self protective function; its power consumption is less than 10%, effectively reduce the use amount; product design life of 40000 hours. 2, T4T5 integrated stent: integrated support is a straight tube fluorescent light source, electronic ballast, lamp body, wire and other components of the integrated fluorescent lamp. The utility model has the advantages of high light efficiency, small energy saving, good color rendering and different color temperature, and is suitable for various lighting places.

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