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Liaoning Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Theater lighting design appreciation

The great theater uses the simple volume, the rich detail displays the modern architecture to be practical, beautiful, the rich sense of the times characteristic, the extremely rich sense of the times exterior wall Yu Yingkou Economic Development Zone rushes toward the international new atmosphere.

The grand theatre should not only consider the southeast side of the landscape, should also take into account the road sight, therefore, the unity of the opposites in a wave shaped metal translucent material, forming a unified facade image, based on the function and the details of different processing, which make it rich in changes in harmony.

The construction of the East West High low, so that the safety of the main street and the sun and the moon on the road can not see the high part of the theater, to maintain the overall image of the building. The exterior is divided into 7 levels, each section is staggered ups and downs, form a rich exterior effect in the premise of relatively simple shape, with different transparency of wall materials, the formation of the Grand Theatre and the symbolic characteristics. lighting design

In the design we have always stressed that the "small size, prominent features," and strive to establish a long impression of landmark buildings.

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