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LG Innotek development of the world's most powerful sterilization

LG guinot (LG Innotek) has developed the world's most powerful sterilization with UV -c LED, wavelength of 280 nm (nm) 1 LED light power up to 70 milliwatts (mW). Sterilization force 1.5 times higher than the existing 40 mw level LED, can be carried out on the water and air sterilization.
UV -c LED in the ultraviolet (UV ultraviolet rays) LED to 200 ~ 280 nm wavelength for sterilization. Damage the DNA of e. coli, salmonella and other bacteria to prevent its reproduction.
So far, UV LED is mainly used in small - C sanitary products. This is because the light power is low, the sterilization force is weak. LED to 1 mw for toothbrush sterilizer for humidification humidifier tank sterilization LED to 2 mw.
LG ino envoy with independent development of vertical LED chip technology, break through the existing UV light power restrictions - C. The heat generated by the increasing power, will excrete, thus ensuring the high quality reliability.
Width is 6 mm (mm), thickness of 1.35 mm, although smaller than a fingernail, but its bactericidal performance is the most of the world.
It can also be applied to manufacturing of hardening equipment. Due to the UV output is strong, can improve the performance of curing device.
Water purification, purification or hardening of the manufacturers can get the most from LG guinot steadily conform to use UV LED supply - C. This is because the LG guinot has from the epitaxial wafer to the chip, package (package), the module system of a series of production, strict quality management to provide goods.
LG guinot with 280 nm UVC leds and from 365 nm, 385 nm to 395 nm, 405 nm uv-a LED to 305 nm UV sterilization, medical use - B LED products suitable for various purposes such as team.
Societies about people say: "LG guinot policy is widening the application of UV -c LED field."
According to LED research center, according to a report in 2016 because of uv LED products imported light curing, sterilization and purification market applications, such as estimated output will grow to $166 million (RMB 1.167 billion), in 2021 to $555 million (RMB 3.701 billion), the compound annual growth rate as high as 27%. Under the technology continues to progress, forecast the UV - 2016 C LED sterilization and purification applications, the market value of $28 million (RMB 187 million), in 2021 to $257 million (RMB 1.714 billion), the compound annual growth rate as high as 56%.

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