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LED tram: a train shining in the night sky

A series of 30 thousand LED lights in Budapest. Open up at night, just like a time machine! Budapest is the capital of Hungary, with the world's most frequently used tram, but also the world's longest tram. There are five lines of MRT, which connect the outskirts of Budapest.

High speed of the tram, 30 thousand class LED lights to form a rustling light line, full sense of science and technology.

Pause the tram, 30 thousand class LED lights of pear blossoms.

People in the decoration of the tiny spots become grow more enchanting.

"Snow" in the tram.

Under the curtain of night, carrying 30 thousand lessons LED small lights of the car roared.

The trolley in the festival

People in the enjoyment of the "snow covered" tram.

See light, carrying technology, heading for the future.

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