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LED outlet in the transformation and upgrading

LED outlet in the transformation and upgrading

LED industry is a typical industry in the past two years in the context of the transformation and upgrading of explosive growth. Objectively speaking, the current industry downturn is the comprehensive effect of many factors such as the impact of the economic environment, the industry focused on the release of production capacity, market boom, decline in end demand growth lower than expected, resulting in enterprise investment recovery period is longer, the capital chain tension.

Prior to the sharp expansion of production capacity, relying solely on the market is clearly unable to support, to a large extent, the results of policy and funding boost. Similar to the photovoltaic industry, the LED industry model is also ahead of generous investment, ready to buy equipment from abroad, while equipped with the basic team and technology, you can become a LED enterprise. This industry entry threshold is also an important reason for the various local governments, all types of enterprises have invested in LED projects and to take place.

But in the face of the market, enterprises must face the cost, technology, talent, patents, market demand and follow-up funds and other practical issues. Industry expansion period of confusion, doomed to face the dilemma. But from a positive point of view, this is not a bad thing, taking into account the opportunities and risks of the market, an industry can survive.

The key problem of the current domestic LED industry is facing the lack of core technology, the demand side is not effective open policy to be precise "awesome". These are the problems that can be solved by facing their own short board.

Recently released by the NDRC, China gradually out of the incandescent road map in the downturn in the market for the future of the LED application market ready to pave the way. LED general lighting market demand in the future will be significantly improved, companies can also homeopathic layout their own gold road map".

But in reality, the core issue of LED enterprises should be solved urgently. LED lighting products required high-power, high brightness LED chip products, is still dominated by foreign companies. On the one hand, the domestic LED upstream enterprises to be actively involved in this "cake", increase in technology promotion efforts; on the other hand, the government's industrial policy support, should also change before the project subsidy model to encourage technology level. Multi pronged approach, with the market, allowing the industry to enter the virtuous cycle of orderly development under the guidance of the government.

Despite the bright future, industry consolidation is still inevitable. Thriving and chaos in the presence of the LED industry at the same time, only after a deep integration, in order to enter the orderly and healthy development track. Insiders pointed out that although the industry will experience growing pains, but with the brand, channel, talent, technology and management ability of outstanding enterprises, more means opportunities, these enterprises can be more large-scale expansion.

Looking at the overall situation, LED industry should not be used as a case. 12th Five-Year is a time when the country vigorously promote the development of strategic emerging industries, the problems encountered by the LED industry has almost become the early stage of the development of new industries is difficult to avoid pains. This industry as the benchmark for analysis, considering how to promote economic transformation and upgrading in the future, more valuable.


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