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LED lighting technical inheritance and breakthrough: conquer heat fortress

In 2012 LED industry ups and downs: the production of disorder, excess production capacity, quality, closures, big price war of the enterprise, consumer trust of LED to reduce... Into 2013, with the six ministries and commissions such as the national development and reform commission jointly issued the "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry planning", then launched a number of good industry development planning, the LED industry ushered in the development opportunity, industry transformation, how to choice, to follow the industry development, occupy a strong position in the market? Listen to shenzhen overclocking three technology co., LTD., chairman of Mr Jian-jun du to talk business development plans. 
A, inheritance and breakthrough: conquer heat fortress 
According to reporter understanding, in 2010, owns more than 180 independent research and development of patent technology of the domestic famous mechanical and electronic cooling brand overclocking three technology co., LTD., a strong attack LED the market, advocating LED radiator new concept. LED luminous efficiency is still low at present, causing high junction temperature rise, reduce the service life. In order to reduce the junction temperature in order to improve life, heat dissipation problems is crucial. LED heat dissipation design must start from the chip to the radiator, every link should be highly valued. Ignore any link design can cause serious heat dissipation problem. The past LED street light a lot of failure in the long-term work, half is lack of heat dissipation design, the other half is caused by the failure of power supply. So the design of cooling must be given sufficient attention. 
Three products, according to jian-jun du overclocking techniques from the traditional inheritance and improvement of CPU heat dissipation, overclocking three in PC industry market share has reached the first heat dissipation, LED heat dissipation and the principle of CPU heat dissipation and the foundation is the same, is to solve the heat coming from the chip export, spread out; Is solve the problem of chip as the heat source of heat, so overclocking three pass PC cooling technology advantage, innovation the riveting series cooling technologies such as heat pipe, solve the problem of high power LED heat dissipation is difficult. 
Jian-jun du said, with the technology of inheritance, the product cannot leave the innovation vigorously, 2011-2012 overclocking three companies focus on product development, at the end of 2012, trinity model of industrial and mining lamp overclocking dual-use single single high power LED wall lamp radiator products won the "cup" the governor of guangdong province technology selection of awards, but due to the business center of gravity not in marketing, so in 2012, product sales throughout the year. Into 2013, overclocking three LED products research and development by the industry recognition, jian-jun du said that in the first quarter of this year, three of overclocking LED radiator products sales of tens of millions of yuan. Company holds full confidence on this year's situation, "the end of this year the overall momentum is good, we strive to performance can have 5-8 times compared with the same period last year growth." Jian-jun du said confidently. 
1, the invention of heat pipe technology in the application of high power LED heat dissipation 
Jian-jun du said the los alamos national laboratory in 1963 invented heat pipe heat pipe technology, mainly used in aerospace, military industry. Using the heat conduction principle, in a closed tube shell filled with working medium and use the medium decalescence, heat release and heat exchange. Heat conduction ability more than any known metal. Overclocking three inventions riveting fins heat pipe technology and heat pipe using internal medium vapor and liquid phase change heat conduction, high density of heat flow from the LED light source to fins. Large fins send out quantity of heat, quickly reduce light temperature and prolonging the service life of the light source. 
LED lights only under the good heat dissipation design, the product can be both stable luminous efficiency and quality, and reduce the thermal failure and improve the product's life and the surrounding components. At present, is limited by the current technology, the LED luminous efficiency is low, most of all the energy is converted into heat energy. Heat makes the chip temperature rise will cause the LED luminous flux decline, poor efficiency, accelerating aging chip make their lives cut short and so on a series of problems, heat dissipation problems have become the bottleneck of high power LED in lighting engineering application. Mentioned overclocking SanJin years in LED radiator made in the product research and development of technological improvement, jian-jun du said: "this year's products we combined with a variety of cooling technology, one of the most important, is to discharge pipe, CPU cooling technique is applied to the LED on the radiator." High power LED products of cooling technology is a difficult problem, heat dissipation is good or bad directly affects the service life of LED products, according to jian-jun du overclocking three production radiator used in small power LED products are mainly concentrated in the die casting material, in terms of high power LED heat dissipation overclocking three invested considerable energy, such as air cooling fins and heat pipe technology was applied to high power LED products. 

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