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LED characters on the roof of production materials and technology

LED the top of the characters of production material and craft:
LED the top of the characters are usually applied to the comprehensive commercial building, hotel industry, banking, insurance, enterprises and institutions building and other fields. In the evening, large LED the roof characters appear beautiful can identify all the degree is very high.
The top 1, LED characters made of stainless steel plate or aluminum plate shell do word, built-in LED module (see our website solution within the LED light source and lighting), literally by the pervious to light acrylic board, pervious to light acrylic board blister or fiber cloth coating.
2, LED visible light emitting characters is blunt good hole in the metal plate. Fonts and then use laser cutting, welding solid edge, lamp, fixed on the steel frame, size can according to customer's actual needs.
3, installed on the roof of the LED characters, on the roof must have a support frame, to consider the top of the bearing capacity and the beautiful sex of steel frame and the wind load capacity, and to set a brace structure and materials.

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