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Knowledge of lighting design in service place

The design of a suitable environment and the atmosphere of the environment, which means to do a good job for the people, so that they enjoy the unique environment to their feelings. Whether the restaurant, or hotel, recreation, and even the theme park, the environment design goal is to bring the guests from an ordinary environment to a special world, let them spend a happy time.

The difficulty of designing this kind of service project is to create a necessary style, theme and dramatic effect, but also to meet the basic visual function requirements. The lighting design of the project, according to the function of each part, take the form of classification design. Exposed to the outside of the lighting is mainly used to provide environmental lighting, and with the construction of a combination of hidden lighting is usually as a function of lighting.

The design of the service site, in particular, need to consider their specific use, the hotel corridor will be considered in the corridor, the restaurant will be considered by the restaurant. The exhibition hall, ballroom, conference room, conference center, to take into account the requirements of a variety of functions, where the need to re arrange seats, partitions and lighting program. Usually, this type of site in the re layout, does not need to replace all of the lighting system, so the arrangement with adjustable lighting facilities can effectively reduce the workload of the re arrangement of lighting design.

Most of the design of this kind of service and the relationship between decorative lamps closely, including lamps decorative chandeliers, wall lamp, chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp and the ordinary other signature, they will play a critical role in interior design.

Place some services, like conference center, hotel, dance hall, exhibition hall, restaurant and hotel is equipped with the stage, the lighting design often includes two parts, namely building lighting system and stage lighting system.

For a specific project, the best lighting scheme is the first to lay a good foundation for interior design and architectural design. Hierarchical design is a good way, so that the project can be started at the beginning of the lighting design can be considered, so as to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, in dealing with this kind of lighting design, the need for a comprehensive consideration. First of all, the interior designer or architect should come up with a general idea, of course, including what kind of lighting. Then, clear all the visual work content, the design should consider the visual needs of the guests and employees. Secondly, it is necessary to confirm whether the decorative lighting can meet the needs of visual function, but also to investigate whether the decorative lighting hinder visual operations. For key lighting should also conduct such an investigation.

For this kind of service indoor space, the classification of lighting design, the most difficult thing to grasp is the degree of environmental lighting should be controlled. Operating lighting and key lighting is also the design difficulties in this space.

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