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KTV lighting design considerations and artistic requirements

KTV planning needs bright lighting planning to create a space entertainment atmosphere, entertainment space has come out of the red wine green custom planning, more artistic effect in the entertainment space dominated, entertainment space design using artistic elements and the latest scientific and technological achievements to create a Gorgeous entertainment space. The light brought by the light is an important foundation for the vitality of the interior space environment. It shows space, limits the space and creates a specific indoor atmosphere, which is an important part of interior design.
(1) space processing
  "There is no room for light." The artistic effect of interior space has a great relationship with indoor lighting processing. Different functions, different spaces should have different lighting arrangements and lighting.
  In addition, according to the needs of indoor functions, the use of lighting and lighting combined with a variety of furnishings, furniture and other arrangements, can be separated in large space in the various sub-space, composed of different regions, so that each has a certain degree of independence. At this time, some areas of the scope of a more clear, the boundary is also more clear; some are more obscure, beam lights to form a variety of virtual space.
  In the 21st century, with the rapid development of the global economy, the improvement of living standards, leisure and entertainment has long been not the traditional concept, has given more new elements, and has become the rapid development of emerging industries. Twenty years ago, our concept of leisure club refers to cinemas, cafes, teahouses and some clubs, its connotation and scope is quite narrow, just to meet just some basic needs to meet the food and clothing, and with the Chinese economy, Entertainment understanding and experience is gradually synchronized with the world, the modern entertainment is to give a new concept. Some of the new format is popular in the north and south, such as bars, entertainment, dance halls, KTV, sauna, massage rooms, nightclubs, and these new formats on the late decoration put forward new requirements in the traditional late construction and renovation process, The lighting part of the budget generally accounted for 3% -5% of the total investment, and the new format of entertainment, the lighting effect of the embodiment of the role of lighting and the role is more important, the investment part of the lighting part of the investment has accounted for the total Investment 15% -25%, which can be seen.
   Lighting design part is only part of the decorative design, as the decoration designer is usually for the decoration materials and the effect of space to grasp the effect can be at ease, and often for the lighting design and layout there is a lack of, in particular, the new design of lighting applications Often there is a professional or other aspects of the lack of modern lighting design in foreign countries has become a relatively independent branch, become a decorative design of the latter part of the project, which also reflects the importance of lighting design. Leisure lighting design of the club so the same, only the use of light will be leisurely leisure and entertainment perfectly reflected in order to be able to live for today's society, the work of a huge pressure to provide a relaxed and happy leisure and entertainment space, to win more consumer.
    In short, the light in the separation of space processing, compared with the use of entities to be more flexible to separate. Consciously use the illumination of different lamps arranged, you can make the light like an invisible scissors like a large space is divided into several mutual integration but different shades of different fun different space, and produce a hazy intermediary state space. To bring the space organization is very attractive, moving head of the amazing artistic effect.
(2) light and shadow effects
    Light and shadow itself is a special nature of art. Light produced shadow, shadow reflected light. Light and shadow in the common space to create a shape, and at the same time the formation of a rich atmosphere of light and shadow changes. Nature of the light and shadow effect is arranged by the sun and the moon, and indoor space lighting effects generally have to be arranged through the lighting to create. Through clever lighting design, light and shadow effects can be expressed in the ceiling, the wall, the ground. Sometimes also use a variety of indoor furnishings to create a fascinating artistic effect. At this time if accompanied by color, shape changes, the effect is more unpredictable, sigh for the spectacle. For example, in the back of the indoor green plants arranged to light up the light, the plant's shadow to the smallpox, the formation of branches and leaves leaves, colorful, thought-provoking dramatic effect; sometimes you can use the water reflection light into the scene, Deep virtual novelty association.
    Light is one of the most critical factors in KTV space design, because the light system can determine the style of clubhouse. Different nature of the environment requires different light design to meet people in different environments in the behavioral characteristics and psychological needs. KTV space environment of the light through the designer's carefully conceived, technical combination of art, and the integration of light practical functions, aesthetic functions and spiritual functions as a whole, the entertainment environment can better adapt to people's behavior and psychological needs. In any case, in the design before the full consideration and clear its overall positioning and overall style, in the basic design will be more attention to the lighting design is often overlooked, just consider some of the new elements of lighting new ways to move up , Undermine the overall effect and overall style, and even produce light pollution.
     In the entertainment lighting design, emphasizing the decorative lighting at the same time, we must not ignore the functional requirements of lighting, such as the entrance, lobby, corridor and other public areas of illumination to ensure that the light collocation to prevent glare. Sometimes in order to create a quiet and elegant environment, the use of indirect lighting to avoid direct light caused by discomfort; to avoid a large area of light, resulting in visual fatigue; try to avoid the layout of light intensity contrast is too large, resulting in visual adaptation; in local public areas, Such as elevators, should be configured with relevant knowledge lighting, such as light belts. Therefore, different regional lighting design needs to be partitioned.
(3) highlight the focus
    In general, the bright place is always easier to attract attention than the dark place, led to headlight so in order to highlight: a part of the interior space, often need to strengthen this part of the lighting design, or set some other parts with different lamps , Make it focused. Such as in the mall, the product will always display part of the most bright, both suction. Attract people's attention, but also make the goods shine, to induce people's shopping desire.
    Lighting fashion to create space style. Modern entertainment, lighting design not only stay in the basic functions of lighting, but more attention to the creation of the environment and style of shaping, through the use of lighting new elements and lighting local strengthening, the overall production or quiet, or warm, or luxury, Or elegant and other effects. Lighting and entertainment space environment together, you can create a variety of different styles of mood, to obtain a good decorative effect. In the design can be flexible use of the light of light and its interior decoration materials, color, sensing together.
     KTV lighting decoration is rich and colorful, is a financial technology and art works. KTV space is the most characteristic of the box design, in order to meet the high-end customers to pursue fresh and unique consumer demand, KTV in each box has its own unique style, through the appropriate dimming, the use of hidden spotlight lamp and other The form of hidden lighting has become popular. Such as the use of a large number of crystal sequins material "Crystal Palace", you can enjoy the underwater palace-like gorgeous ticking, shining light to the entertainment to bring a different kind of beauty, as if falling into the dream of magic, Dancing and enjoying yourself.
(4) rendering atmosphere
    Lights and lights colored and visible, with them to render indoor atmosphere, often can achieve very significant results. A row of bright and neat fluorescent lamps can make the classroom, the conference room is very simple and generous; and a crystal chandelier can make the foyer, living room, etc. is very rich and luxurious; rotating changes, colorful lighting can make space confusing, full of dreams; Simple and new lighting will make the space look fresh and bright, full of the times sense; properly configured lighting, will make the indoor furnishings lively and stunning; consciously formed light and shadow, but also make the environment novel and special, amazing.
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