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Interior lighting design, the treatment of indoor brightness distribution

To avoid the difference in brightness obviously also should pay special attention to in the indoor visual environment, because of the difference in brightness can obviously cause visual discomfort, worry and fatigue, in place long time fine visual tasks is particularly prominent. A large area of lighting design to take bright areas (such as the direct sunlight to the white wall) can increase the glare of the harm, and the brightness of the lamp is not commensurate with the large area of the dark background also have the same effect. It has been pointed out that the average brightness of the general working environment should be slightly lower than the brightness of the working face. However, if the brightness of the working environment is much lower than the brightness of the work surface, less than 1: 4, the visual discomfort will increase significantly. These phenomena only when workers in a comfortable visual environment for a period of time after work, can realize the brightness distribution is not reasonable.

In our country, "civil architectural lighting design standards" GBJ133 - 90 were given in the room decoration of the surface reflectance and illumination, reflectance refers to the surface reflection luminous flux to the incident flux ratio, also known as the reflectivity or reflection coefficient. The illuminance ratio is the ratio between the illuminance of the surface and the illuminance on the working surface.

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