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Installation technology of LED lamps in glass curtain wall

Introduction: at present, the construction of large glass curtain wall building, is a can deal with any function, can be built in any country, not between layers, do not seal the building of cheap, Mis (because of the genuine Mis architecture). But because the glass can not only through light, optical properties and light emission and light absorbing ability, especially the decorative performance of architectural glass, can be said to be no architectural glass, the myriads of changes, no modernization construction.

The application of building glass in modern architecture is more and more big, the variety is more and more, the function is more and more complete. The application amount, the type of application and the function of architectural glass in the building can be used as a sign to evaluate the degree of modernization of the building.

In particular, the decorative performance of architectural glass, can be said to be ever-changing, there is no building glass, there is no modern building. However, because of the optical properties of the glass, which can not only pass through the light, but also have the ability to emit light and absorb light, the landscape lighting design of the building is in a mode.

With the development of semiconductor lighting, the lighting design of this kind of building has made breakthrough progress.

A colored glass, colored glass lighting is modern buildings often large surface materials used for dark colored glass, characteristics of optical properties of material is light transmittance and reflection coefficient is very low, high absorption coefficient, using the traditional lighting methods, often do not receive good results.

This is because when the light irradiated from the bottom to the top of glass curtain wall, the reflected light into the sky, then the wall looks dark, if the lamp can be installed on the high place, from top to bottom as glass curtain wall, only a part of the glass curtain wall light reflection observation, and very bright, and the rest looks black.

How can we reproduce the beauty of the glass in the daytime through the light? This is a landscape lighting designers are generally concerned about the problem.

For the lighting of modern building large surface colored glass, the "architectural lighting" the light emitting device (source) and building components integration, which deepens and extends the connotation of the right to use only the lighting fixture, and a variety of forms, to let people find everything fresh and new.

The brightness of the LED is high, the unit volume is small, the design flexibility is very large, and the structure characteristics of the light carrier can be matched to the maximum, and the installation is convenient. New lighting solutions for such buildings.

The characteristics of Taipei Lake "Dong Di Shi building landscape lighting the building is the largest street frontage is mainly surface is a colored vitreous body. Due to the low reflection coefficient and high absorption coefficient, a large area of floodlight treatment has a lot of frustration. General glass curtain wall, many embedded in the aluminum or steel frame, the LED lighting device is directly arranged on the fixed glass aluminum joints, so that the lamp has become a part of the building, the building will not damage the visual effects, see no light lamps. At this point to pay attention to the size of the lighting device and the size of the building to coordinate the size of the body.

Two, ordinary flat glass lighting with colored glass, transparent glass is transparent and perspective, lighting the way obviously this facade cast light does not meet the ecological requirements can not meet the aesthetic requirements of the light outside through "lighting the way, can get good results.

The use of indoor lighting and lighting in the room by the window layout of the fluorescent tube, is currently used in two ways, from the point of view of environmental protection and energy saving, this approach is not very ideal.

Under the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, semiconductor lighting has a great design space, and a simple method is to use the LED linear light source along the space frame of the glass to form a regular pattern of colored optical grid.

Another way is from the interior of the light hitting the window hole of the building, which is in the lower part of the window is placed in one or more can only change the full-color LED lamp, with the help of automatic control of the curtain, as the light carrier, lighting curtain, do the overall unity of full color changing lighting effects, both get the lights and take into account the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

As the smallest unit of light emitting diode, as part of the line and the surface of the most basic elements of design, showing its advantages, with the LED point light source is arranged in a glass wall, with professional control system, the relative position, density and change form depends entirely on the lighting designer's ideas, not limited by the size of the lighting device.

Three, frosted glass, frosted glass, also known as frosted glass, due to the rough surface, only light transmission and not perspective. The light diffuse reflection, through the frosted glass with soft light, no glaring feeling. Lighting device using frosted glass itself characteristics of diffuse reflection, the color changes in lighting processing is very necessary, the use of LED light source is rich in color (almost the entire chromaticity coordinates 80%~90%) color characteristics of very high purity, according to different regional positioning or lighting effects of different seasons and different time periods to produce fantastic.

Conclusion: through the discussion of several different glass lighting solutions, it is not difficult to find that LED is rich, gorgeous color, good color, high color purity advantages of light source.

And because the LED unit volume is very small, is in line with today's popular "construction" lighting, the light emitting device (Guang Yuan) and building components (ceiling beams and columns, walls and floor etc.) and indoor facilities (desk, furniture, ceiling fan etc.) together, the highest level of "lighting project implementation see no light lamps" is no longer difficult.

Believe that high brightness LED lighting products will continue to be introduced.

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