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Installation method of road high pole lighting mode

High pole lighting is a useful supplement to the conventional lighting, the use of such lighting in a specific environment. Under normal circumstances, more than 20m high rod lighting applications are more extensive. Investment and operation cost is high pole, but it has many advantages, for some special requirements of the place. High pole lighting has many advantages, high pole lamps can increase the number of each pole, the lamp can be used in large and small power source, it is easy to form high illuminance and luminance. It was the first illumination, brightness uniformity, avoid glare. The lamp is small, the site has a neat and clear image of the lamp can be made into a variety of shapes, with the environment atmosphere, to beautify the city. The lighting installation position, can illuminate the larger space and environment, and can effectively control the glare, and the installation position of the big choice, can be arranged on the road to 15-20m, which can prevent the vehicle collision, and can ensure to reduce the impact on normal traffic maintenance. The high pole lighting, the direction of maximum intensity projection lamps and lamp configuration, installation location, height, distance, light, can be selected according to the site conditions, the plane symmetric radial symmetric and asymmetric three lamp configuration, see below said. Arranged in the lamp wide roads and large area around the site should be used in plane symmetric configuration; compact layout in the internal layout of the site or Lane interchange of the pole should adopt the radially symmetric configuration; layout is dispersed in the multilayer large interchange layout or lane crossing pole should adopt asymmetric configuration mode. No matter what kind of lamp configuration is adopted, the ratio of the distance between the lamp post and the height of the lamp post should be determined according to the photometric parameters of the luminaire. High pole lamp arranged in the city should be coordinated with the environment to meet the functional requirements under the premise of lighting. In addition, the lamp shall not be located in a dangerous place or seriously impede the maintenance of traffic, the maximum intensity of light and the direction of the vertical angle should not exceed 65 degrees.

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