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How to use natural light to control light

Natural lighting control

If you can get natural light from windows or the sky, that is, the use of natural lighting, you can turn off the lights or reduce power consumption to save energy. The use of natural lighting and energy saving, and a number of factors: weather conditions, shape, material, orientation and architectural design, design and installation of sensor selection and lighting control system, building type, content and other activities. The control strategy of natural lighting is usually used in office buildings, airports, markets and large scale shopping malls.

The control of natural lighting is usually achieved by using the illuminance sensor. It should be noted that, due to the natural lighting will change over time, so often with artificial lighting compensation. In addition, the lighting effect of natural lighting and window decreases as the distance increases, so will the general lighting window within 4 meters is divided into separate loops, even each line parallel to the windows of the lamps as a separate circuit, for different levels of brightness adjustment, ensure the balance of the entire illumination in the working space.

In the intelligent lighting control system, the illuminance sensor is used to control the lighting switch by measuring the illuminance of the working face, which can be used to maximize the use of natural light to achieve the purpose of energy saving. At the same time, it can also provide a relatively stable visual environment which is not affected by seasonal and external climate environment.

Due to the complex nature of the natural light, and often mixed with man-made interference or instantaneous mutation, the main point of natural light control strategy is to correctly identify the long-term trend of natural light changes. For example, it can be used to deal with the time-varying signal of the illuminance through the low-pass filter or the limiting filter to avoid the frequent oscillation of the control action and too many errors. Another key point of natural light control strategy is the integrity of control. Because the response of natural light control gradients of the indoor illumination is not carefully distinguish based on generally control of artificial light source is generally preferred using the same algorithm, namely the overall brightness, dimming and switching action, the purpose is to simplify the control cost and reduce the uniformity of illuminance in the air.

The disadvantage of this control strategy is that the overall energy saving effect of the system is not optimized, and the change of the room illumination will appear step jump.

Reasonable use of natural light, can increase the comfort of indoor light

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