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How to strengthen the management of lighting electricity, in order to facilitate energy saving?

Strengthening the management of lighting electricity is an important aspect of lighting energy saving. Lighting power saving management is mainly based on energy conservation education and the establishment of the lighting Festival maintenance management system. To strengthen energy conservation publicity and education, and enhance people's awareness of saving electricity, lighting electricity saving from me, to develop the habit of turning off the lights. Should be installed in the user unit, measurement and assessment of lighting electricity consumption. Conditional areas can be divided into hours of fees, to encourage the use of staggering peak electricity consumption, the installation of electric power meters in the dormitory, limiting electricity. Should establish a clean light source, lighting system. When the bulb is contaminated, the light flux may fall below 50% of the normal luminous flux. The reflectivity and transmittance of light bulbs, lamps, glass and walls will be greatly reduced. In order to ensure the lighting effect, the lamp, lamp and wall should be cleaned periodically according to the lighting environment. When replacing the light source, the light source should be the same as the original design or the actual installation. For large office space, should take full account of the lighting system of centralized control and intelligent control, to avoid improper manual control, illumination is too high, or forget to turn off the lights, resulting in unnecessary waste.

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