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Haixinsha Guangzhou lighting design

Guangzhou Asian Games for the first time the opening and closing ceremonies of large international games on the open water. "In the Pearl River for the stage, to the city as the background, Haixinsha island is in the intersection of the central axis of Guangzhou and the Pearl River two city spatial axis, a large festival is the stage where the richly endowed by nature.

Review of the implementation of time within a few months, Haixinsha lighting project in strict accordance with the provisions of the time Asian Games project, from April 2010 to October for the first time the proposal program debugging, passed the challenge. The main difficulties in the project focus on performance in the short construction period, the development of production technology, the scene lighting lamp test and the lack of actual conditions, as the 2010 Opening Ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games venues, the lighting system to meet the performance requirements of the light. Finally to show the world the art of lighting, culture, closely linked to energy saving low-carbon policy, the application of LED lighting, the perfect showing an ecological, green lighting landscape.

Different from the previous design is the overall lighting design of Haixinsha to "performance" as the theme, as the "based on Chinese culture and Asian culture, highlighting the culture of South of the Five Ridges, with the Pearl River, the central axis of the overall lighting design, based on the meaning of the East, facing the world, harmonious driving to the sun.

Haixinsha shoreline to blue and white LED strip light wash light, light and color lamps lighting along the meteor shower trees by blue and white circular, quasi flowing river, meaning "Haixinsha" in the east.

The main technical requirements of products: dangerous electric shock prevention and fire prevention, anti riot and other environmental conditions caused by more than IP65; the lamps are waterproof and dustproof, most of the Class3 electrical protection factor; most of the lights with county anti glare baffle, also as LED as tree light is anti glare design antiglare plate and plate lens the inner most of the large power project; single 1W CREE ultra bright LED chip, strictly control the distribution of light in the optical light, so that actual rate is the largest, so that the lighting is more environmentally friendly.


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