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Five types of urban lighting planning

1 planning need to consider the overall structure of the city (in most cases considered is often the city center city), pointed out that the core region and provide visualization for the final results to the solution. The spatial structure of the whole city is defined by the exposed structures such as bridges and tall buildings, or specific areas and corners. 43% of the municipalities in Germany regard their lighting strategy as a type of planning process, so they follow the example of the Zurich Lumiere lighting program. In the course of planning, the urban form of lighting is determined by the political and urbanization standards or the need for a clear action. The second step is based on the general planning manual. The manual contains detailed lighting applications for specific city elements and conditions. In addition, the development of specific programs and procedures for the acquisition of licenses are specifically developed to better coordinate the various (including private) lighting projects and provide the basis for quality control. 2 for key theme planning this process according to the place and object specified lighting solutions, and in accordance with the fundamental similarities to be classified. The mid-term and final results of the camera are demonstrated by simulation. She is such an excellent Ersaiduofu lighting planning case, it adopts the concept definition of specific themes, will specify a prominent place emphasis on planning text in light. The second part is the introduction of a statute to control the quality of the transfer to the third party. The lighting design concept 3 individual attention to those who have an important influence on the town in the cultural significance of the buildings, structures and Plaza lighting. Special buildings and structures are illuminated in order to attract people's attention to these individuals, most of which are immortal, and to enhance their importance by means of light. This can sometimes lead to the lighting of some buildings, but is still in a lack of coordination and lack of lighting in the night. About 7% of the German cities have adopted this approach. Cologne City Center is a good example. In this case, the set of lighting planning is developed after the preparation of a lamp, together in the night after the outline of the city skyline cologne. Development of the development of 4 process oriented include lighting design projects have been completed, and to illuminate more funds for development according to the buildings and places, but this kind of development is not on the basis of a basic plan. Kastrop Searl used this form of rauker. When the first permanent lighting design project of public domain implementation, city developer specified a series of special political project implementation led to more temporary lighting devices, some of which are then in the promotion of local businessmen and property owners to become the permanent project. The core idea of this approach is to expand this type of development projects to cover other areas of the city. 5 single project lighting coordination or lighting management including the harmony between owners and lighting planners dialogue and acquisition advisory services. The night view of the building is not written, nor is it part of a structured concept. Therefore, it is not a consistent implementation of the planning results, but a series of independent development and growth of personal behavior. This form is only concerned with the lighting design itself. The survey shows that only a small number of towns adopt this approach (only 2%). Rule Essen is the one example of this type of planning: 2001 Essen city invited the lighting consultant responsible for the coordination and coordination, which projects should be the implementation of choice or maintenance, in order to promote cultural activities. The government will enhance the public's understanding of the art of lighting or lighting design in the public area by soliciting sponsors and organizing personal activities. Many projects are incorporated into planning one by one. Source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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