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Experts comment on: energy-saving lamps do not need to talk about "spokes" pale

Abstract: Recently, radiation has become the focus of attention in the lighting industry. In fact, in the world at present there is no one authoritative conclusion that electromagnetic radiation will inevitably lead to disease, no radiation, enough authority to the conclusion that the energy-saving lamps and household appliances, especially the computer, everyone knows there is radiation, but not, so there is no need to panic.

Recently, radiation has become the focus of attention in the lighting industry hot words. Ministry of environmental protection environmental monitoring technology center of high tech Yuan Yi field monitoring of energy-saving lamps electromagnetic radiation results show that the data are more than 40 volts per meter safe. Why after the energy-saving lamps in popularity so years, was found to exceed the standard radiation condition? Face from the early "energy-saving lamp mercury pollution", "energy-saving lamp energy" to today's "energy-saving lamps, which exceed the standard radiation" had to let consumers have great concerns on the safety of energy-saving lamp. To this end, Aladdin news network reporter line light source lighting energy-saving lamp production experts and business representatives that the energy-saving lamps do exist before radiation, but is actually a blind spot, at present in the sale of energy-saving lamps are generally through the relevant departments of the state inspection of products, but the quantity of electromagnetic radiation is not in the 1 meters the national standard detection for energy-saving lamps. In fact, in the world at present there is no one authoritative conclusion that electromagnetic radiation will inevitably lead to disease, no radiation, enough authority to the conclusion that the energy-saving lamps and household appliances, especially the computer, everyone knows there is radiation, but not, so there is no need to panic.

Interviewed guests:

Lin Yandan, associate professor, Department of lighting and lighting engineering, Fudan University

Ye Guanrong, Professor, Institute of optical radiation measurement, Zhejiang University

Professor Xu Xueji, Fudan University

Wu Hong, director of the national rare earth phosphor, lamp cooperation, the national development and Reform Commission rare earth office, "rare earth information" editorial board

General manager, Pulos electric (China) Co., Ltd.

Xu Jirong famous brand product manager

Yao Mengming PHILPS (China) Investment Co., Ltd. design director

Lin Yandan: Although the energy-saving lamp products for electromagnetic radiation there is no strict rules, but now our country has on the electromagnetic radiation protection provisions of the introduction of this standard, the public exposure safety value also has the corresponding numerical range as the basis, as long as the energy-saving lamp products are in strict accordance with the standards, it should not cause harm to the human body. If there is a serious shortage of products manufacturers, in order to ensure the interests of consumers and security issues, it is necessary to re plan according to the standards.

Ye Guanrong: it is well known that the number of energy-saving lamps exist radiation, but the country has not been related to energy-saving lamp radiation standards and regulations. If there are relevant provisions, the enterprises in accordance with the standards to produce products, while the national technical departments to pay close attention to supervision, to ensure that the implementation of this standard, then it will be able to solve the problem of excessive radiation.

Xu Xueji: the core components of energy-saving lamps ballast in the moment of high pressure, it will produce a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation, electric light source experts are also discussing the issue of this indicator. However, this requires the state's formal testing agencies involved, if it is determined that the electromagnetic radiation of energy-saving lamps on human health, then the production of energy-saving lamps, manufacturing, testing should be strictly regulated. In addition, the radiation is exceed the standard within a certain distance, like the blue LED light source is also on the retina of harmful, not suitable for close contact such as lamps, bedside lamps, the best use of the incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp is indeed more energy but. So keep your distance, don't panic.

Wu Hong: from a theoretical point of view, there is indeed a radiation energy saving lamp, which is from the early days of the birth of energy-saving lamps on the existence of the problem, because of its little impact on daily life, so there is no cause for concern. Radiation can be said to be everywhere, in our daily lives, we often use electrical appliances in the work, radio, etc. will be released to radiation. At present, there is no authoritative conclusion that electromagnetic radiation will lead to disease. Energy saving lamp radiation is not so terrible, the appropriate distance is the first secret protection. The table lamp, bedside lamp etc. do not use for a long time.

Ni Xinda: for energy-saving lamp market norms, the state should pay more attention to and intensify efforts to control, found that the problem should be resolved in a timely manner, but also can not cover up the relationship between the company's own product defects. At present, China's market economy is still in its infancy, marketing skills are not enough, and some companies tend to use low prices to make up for the quality of their products. For the market mechanism is not perfect, the regulatory authorities should attach importance to the implementation of the measures and implement. People for the radiation of the energy-saving lamps do not quite understand, for radiation monitoring is also no relevant indicators, the need for the correct guidance of government and regulatory authorities.

Xu Jirong: the current domestic energy-saving lamp technology is relatively mature, technical threshold is transparent, but light quality is uneven, some small enterprises price war, with low prices to attract consumers, but the product quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, the state needs to guide the market. Although the electromagnetic radiation energy saving lamp just theoretically a point of view, there has been no practical study and follow up data, but the radiation energy saving lamp has certain harm to human body, but also for office equipment etc. there are also some interference, deserves all attention.

Yao Mengming: for energy saving lamp electromagnetic radiation over the argument, so far there is no official data released by the document, and the true definition of radiation is not a clear definition of excessive. Before that, you can't make any comment. This is not the issue of individual brands, is the common problem of the entire energy-saving lamp industry.

Aladdin light point: energy-saving lamps have radiation is positive, but whether it is true that the scope of the report said the 10cm range over 9 times the radiation is difficult to determine, but also the need for more authoritative testing agencies at different operating frequencies. Radiation is harmful to the human body, if there is no harm, countries will not develop standards for electromagnetic radiation, China's Ministry of health and the environmental protection administration will not develop. Since the relevant standards have been developed, it shows that the government departments and people need to take preventive measures to prevent the potential threat of excessive radiation.

However, at present in the world without any authoritative conclusion that electromagnetic radiation will inevitably lead to disease, there is no one authoritative conclusion that electromagnetic radiation use energy-saving lamps under the current exceed the standard and affect human health, especially in household appliances, computer, all the people know there is radiation, but not, so no need to panic. If the energy saving lamp electromagnetic radiation, I believe it will cause international attention, the problem will be solved.

Of course, the market is not perfect, resulting in the quality of the problem is often a wave after wave, from mercury pollution to electromagnetic radiation, so naturally can not give consumers a sense of security. The national standard of testing institutions to deal with energy-saving lamps of electromagnetic radiation made clear indicators, clear description of the electromagnetic radiation harm, manufacturers will ensure the effective control of the products in the range of indicators, it is permanent, to promote the development of energy-saving lamp industry in the right way. After all, the lack of government regulation of the market, the industry and the enterprise consistent long lost, the consumer will be the risk of radiation. Therefore, the security, peace of mind in the consumer, should be duty bound.

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