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Expert weapon: how to control the color temperature to bring feelings

Blackbody heating to the same or close to the light source when the temperature, defined as the relevant color temperature of the light source, known as color temperature, the absolute temperature K (Kelvin, or Kelvin temperature) as a unit (K= +273.15). Therefore, when the blackbody is heated to a red color, the temperature is about 527 DEG C 800K, while the other temperature affects the color change. The more light blue, the higher the color temperature; partial red color temperature is lower.

Color temperature: the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as that of the blackbody at the same temperature.

Because the light emitted by some of the light source is called white light, the color temperature of the light source or the relevant color temperature is used to refer to the degree of relative light color of the light source to quantify the light color of the light source.

Therefore, when the blackbody is heated to a red color, the temperature is about 527 DEG C 800K, while the other temperature affects the color change. The more light blue, the higher the color temperature; partial red color temperature is lower.

The day light also changes with time; 40 minutes after sunrise color is yellow, the color temperature of 3000K; the afternoon sun is white, rose to 4800-5800K; cloudy at midday. About 6500K before sunset; color is red, and the color temperature to 2200K.

Because of correlated color temperature is in fact the blackbody radiation close to the light source, the light source performance evaluation on the value of the contrast of a precise color is not the same, so with the color value of the two light source, may still be some differences in color appearance. Only the color temperature can not understand the color rendering ability of the light source, or in the light of the color reproduction.

Kai Ming Lighting Designer: light color temperature, color culture is different, color temperature and stable atmosphere below 3300K, warm feeling; color temperature in the 3000-5000K intermediate color, cool feeling; feeling cold temperature above 5000K, different color groups into the best environment, different light sources such as table temperature and height high color temperature light source, such as brightness is not high for people who have a cold atmosphere; low color temperature light and high brightness will give people a sultry feeling.

Comparison of the use of light and color in the same space using two kinds of large light source, the contrast will be the level of effect, when the color contrast is large, in order to obtain the level of brightness, but also access to the level of light and color.

Usually, most of the stores are hoping to provide customers with a relatively warm environment, a relatively warm environment, so the general store color temperature should be controlled at 3000 ~ 5000.

General living room lighting needs diversification, both the basic and key lighting, lighting and more interesting lighting, lighting effects to create an atmosphere of this restaurant; lighting should be the focus on the table, with good color tone hanging lamp is appropriate to reproduce food color, cause loss of appetite; light source bedroom lamps should adopt a neutral and relaxed tone, with the actual lighting needs: such as dresser and closet needs more bright light, and the bed around reading lighting etc..

Kitchen, bathrooms should be functional, light source color rendering better. Then, adjust the indoor atmosphere with color temperature.

Low color temperature light will give people a warm, warm feeling, and high color temperature white gave people a fresh and lively feeling, a romantic wedding moment for light of low color temperature, to create a warm and romantic feeling.

Professional data show that the human eye can see the light, composed of seven kinds of color spectrum, color temperature is a measure of the color of the light component.

Most of the new main lobby is the selection of white energy-saving lamp, only need to change the light source color temperature is low, the use of more spectral components containing red warm color lights (3000K, low color temperature), can form a hazy, relaxed and warm atmosphere in the room. In the bedroom into a warm tone auxiliary lights, will become soft, warm. In addition, we also need to consider the relationship between the color temperature and the basic color of the environment.

Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) of space, suitable for light source low color temperature of about 3000K, can make the space in a warm tone strengthened; cold colors (green, blue and purple) - space, suitable for high color temperature of the source of more than 5000K, the local low color temperature radiation lamp to realize the dim romantic feeling.

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