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European architectural style: MANSANO Church of the assumption (two)

Indirect lighting with 1W LED light source lamps, LED directly installed in the upper part of the lamp, with a shuttle lens to produce a 90 degree beam angle. The side lighting is mostly composed of a high frequency linear fluorescent lamp system with electronic ballast. Fluorescent lamp with 3200K color temperature and color rendering index of more than 95. The light emitted by the linear fluorescent lamp is slightly colored due to the diffusing glass of the surface.

There is a huge golden screen in the center of the church, and a plurality of spotlights with 100W QR111 halogen lamps emphasize the vertical texture of the screen. In order to maintain balance, place of worship by the Finel lens with 100W 8/24 111 QR halogen lighting. The walls and domes of the altar are evenly illuminated by 4 sets of fluorescent lamps, each of which is sheathed on the pillars of the entrance of the altar, and the other two are mounted on a column that is embossed on the edge of the screen. Direct illumination of the projection lamp each light source is a AR111 halogen lamp, mounted on a vertical rectangular strip to illuminate the arch ceiling and altar space.

The preserve of religious hymns is no longer hidden from tourists and believers. A series of linear fluorescent lamp with asymmetrical fixed installed in the ceiling, lighting for the choir, this watch from the nave good effect. On the wall of the two sets of lamps equipped with 21 W T5 fluorescent lamps, to the side door sculpture provides soft light, depicting the texture of the stone and strengthen the perspective effect. Two sets of steel tubular floor lamps are installed in front of the column to indicate the altar area.


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