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Energy saving strategy for predictable schedule control

Predictable schedule control

Comparison of the rule in the activity time and content sites, lighting operation is basically in accordance with the fixed schedule, change rules with work, work, lunch, cleaning and other activities in peacetime, weekend and holidays, it can be used to predict the schedule control strategy. It is commonly used in offices, factories, schools, libraries and retail stores.

If the plan is good, according to the predictable schedule control strategy of energy saving effect is significant, even up to 40%. At the same time, the use of predictable schedule control can bring the convenience of lighting management, and play a certain role in the reminder of the timetable, such as prompting the store opening, closing time, etc..

A predictable schedule control strategy is usually implemented using a clock controller, and the necessary settings to ensure that special circumstances (such as overtime) can be lit, to avoid the activities of people suddenly plunged into a complete darkness.

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