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Energy saving principle and installation essentials of energy saving lamp

Energy saving principle of energy saving lamp

Energy saving lamp is the principle of the use of gas discharge operation, its name is from the town of fluorescent lamps, in addition to white (Leng Guang), and now there are yellow (warm). In general, under the same wattage, an energy-saving lamp

Incandescent lamp energy saving 80%, the average life expectancy of more than 8 times, thermal radiation is only about 20%. In the case of non strict, a 5 Watt energy-saving light can be regarded as equal to 25 watt incandescent lamp, energy saving light of about 7 watts is equal to about 40 watts

Of a 9 watt equivalent to about 60 watts.

Energy saving lamp, also known as compact fluorescent lamp (referred to as CFL lamp) it was first invented in 1978 by foreign manufacturers, because it has a high luminous efficiency (5 times the ordinary light bulbs), energy saving effect is obvious, long life

8 times the ordinary light bulb, small size, easy to use and so on, by the people of all countries and the country's attention and welcome, our country in 1982, first in the Fudan University Institute of electric light source successfully developed SL compact fluorescent

Light, twenty years, the rapid growth of output, the quality has steadily improved, the state has put it as a national focus on the development of energy-saving products (green lighting products) as a promotion and use.

In quite a long period of time, some local governments and manufacturers blindly large energy-saving lamps on the project, because of its capital, technology, raw materials and process in the not fully implemented, the product quality is not in a hurry

To guarantee, not to balance the enterprise product quality, vicious bidding messing up the market, production according to process requirements, choose different requirements of the lamp assembly plant and components together, low quality and low price, serious damage to the acoustic energy saving lamp

Reputation, low light efficiency, short life, poor consistency, resulting in the production of energy-saving lamps on the community do not save money argument, to the promotion of energy-saving lamps have brought a lot of negative impact.

Through continuous exploration and development for nearly twenty years, China's energy-saving lamp products has made great progress and improve, many products have been close to or reached the international advanced level, due to high quality low price, international market competition.

Competitive power is very strong, but there is still much of the energy saving lamp manufacturers on the market, regardless of the state laws and regulations, regardless of the interests of consumers, is still a large number of production is not called "energy saving lamp lights?", because of its quality

The lowest, each factory price of only 4~5 yuan, consumer recognition of Product Co., in the rural areas and most of the city, and a large part of the market, because the market accounted for most of the market dominated by low-end products, the

Good energy-saving lamp products more difficult to enter the market, which brings certain difficulty to promote green lighting, but with the increase of consumer awareness and understanding of energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps and good quality of products in the market in a day

The expansion of the day, the poor quality of the energy-saving lamp market shrinking day by day, which brings us hope and opportunity.

Now we are talking about energy-saving products are mainly for incandescent lamps. Ordinary incandescent lighting efficiency of about 10 lumens per watt, life expectancy of about 1000 hours, it works

In the circuit, current through the filament, the thermal effect of the current, the incandescent lamp emits a continuous visible light and infrared ray, this phenomenon in the filament temperature up to 700K can be aware of, since the work of the filament temperature is very high, most of the energy

The amount of waste in the form of infrared radiation, because the filament temperature is very high, evaporation is also very fast, so the life is greatly reduced, about 1000 hours or so.

The energy saving lamp is mainly used to heat the lamp tube through the ballast. When the temperature is about 1160K, the filament starts to emit electrons (because some electronic powder is coated on the filament)

After the collision of argon atoms, the energy and the impact of the mercury atoms, mercury atoms in the absorption of energy after the transition to ionization, issued 253.7nm

Because of the temperature of the filament of the fluorescent lamp is about 1160K, the temperature of the filament is much lower than that of the incandescent lamp, so the service life of the fluorescent powder is also much higher than that of the incandescent lamp

High, reaching more than 5000 hours, because it does not exist incandescent current thermal effect, fluorescent powder energy conversion efficiency is very high, reaching more than 50 lumens per watt.

Installation of energy-saving lamps

1, ventilation should be good. The operation of energy-saving lamps will be affected by room temperature, the temperature is too high will cause the decline of light, the ignition process will be difficult. Therefore, to avoid the installation in a sealed place, lighting, shade should be well ventilated, so as not to heat the temperature can not be distributed and continued to rise, affecting the performance of good energy saving.

2, bulb weight does not exceed the lamp holder load. Energy saving lamps (especially the inductance of the old type) than the general tungsten bulb is heavier, so the use of energy-saving lamps should pay attention to the size of the lamp or lamp fitting. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the lamp holder, especially the multi bulb type lamp.

If the lamp holder is loose, it should be replaced or repaired immediately.

3, due to the different working principle, can not be directly used in energy-saving lamps incandescent light dimming system (such as dimming table lamp, etc.). In addition, it should be noted that, in the installation of energy-saving lamps, do not hold the lamp tube, so as not to cause damage.

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