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Energy saving lamp technology and low carbon lighting

How to choose the energy saving lamp or LED in the implementation of carbon lighting makes a rational comparison, affirmed the value of energy-saving lamps in the global implementation of low carbon lighting and historical status. This book is particularly focuses on the working principle of spiral type energy-saving lamp design principle, technical parameters and advantages, technology and manufacturing equipment, electronic ballast, and special structure and form with the characteristics of China's science and technology knowledge. The book more than 43 words, hardcover color printing, 32 edition price: 86 yuan / this......

To commemorate the China founder Cai Zuquan professor of modern light source, but also contribute to the memory of such spiral lamp development Mr. Gong roots, Fudan University students and alumni, after nearly two years of efforts, the "energy-saving lamp technology and low-carbon lighting" a book in June 2011 by the Henan science and Technology Press, ISBN: ISBN978-7-5349=4918-O.

This book is from the basic theory of visual science and low pressure discharge plasma physics, systematically introduces the birth of the origin of energy-saving lamp industry, technology overview and development prospects, and China in the global popularization of energy-saving lamp contribution and low-carbon lighting in the implementation of how to use energy-saving lamps or LED are rational the comparison, affirmed the energy-saving lamps in the global implementation of the value and historical status of low-carbon lighting in. Site articles are from the network.


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