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Effective control of urban landscape lighting energy saving

I. Introduction

The development of urban landscape lighting has played an important role in improving the urban functions, improving the urban environment, and enhancing the image of the city. However, the rapid development of urban landscape lighting has increased energy demand and consumption

Consumption, the current urban lighting (referring to landscape lighting and functional lighting collectively referred to as) the annual electricity consumption accounts for about 4% of the country's total generating capacity of the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, in 2002 China's urban lighting power consumption is about 61 billion 280 million kWh, is

1998 years ago, 3 to 4 times the electricity consumption, landscape lighting energy waste problem has become more prominent. Notice of the general office of the State Council on the implementation of the nationwide energy saving operation in August 1, 2008

The provisions of article fifth that control street lamps and landscape lighting, in ensuring the premise of the vehicle, pedestrian safety, reasonable opening and closing of the street, in the peak periods, city landscape lighting, entertainment neon lights to reduce the use of

Electricity, government agencies, public places should be closed unnecessary lighting at night. In addition to major festivals, all closed landscape lighting.

The survey found that many of the urban landscape lighting project of high intensity, large scale, and

In the control mode can only achieve a simple turn on and off, can not be unified management and intelligent operation, the form of light in a static state, which caused a lot of waste of electricity, exacerbated by the tension. In order to give full play to the beauty of landscape lighting

The function of the city, and no waste of electricity and human resources, we should integrate the needs of landscape lighting, the development of a reasonable control model.

Two, all kinds of control mode

Urban landscape lighting can be broadly divided into: Building (structure) building decoration lighting, plaza lighting, municipal public facilities, decorative lighting, green lighting. Building (structure) building can be divided into two categories according to its nature and public nature. So in the control mode can not be generalized, should use a variety of control means to meet the overall effect.

2.1 annual open

It is suitable for the urban landscape, the city center and the landscape corridor. Therefore, the project is more in the key parts of the city, reflecting the highlights of the city, the city is an integral part of the night, in order to meet the needs of the night effect must be guaranteed throughout the year.

2.2 weekend open

Houses, government agencies and other buildings and the square, green, bridges and other public parts of the landscape lighting project, its importance is slightly low, no need to open all year round. In order to save the landscape lighting power consumption, the control can be considered to reduce the number of days to open the year. In weekdays mode only open three days a week (Friday to Sunday), in case of major festivals or government reception day is all open.

The 2.3 part opens

Similar to the hotel, commercial buildings, shopping malls and other business nature of the building, due to its business needs at night, weekend opening is not feasible. The classification of landscape lighting facilities in each project, shut down part of power mode on weekdays

The larger facilities such as: facade floodlight, top floodlight, etc.. In order to meet the effect of the premise only to retain some of the small power lighting facilities, in case of major festivals or government reception day is open. This has not only met the normal mode

The effect of the need, but also to reduce the amount of electricity consumption.

2.4 according to the number of days to calculate the proportion of natural energy, the annual statutory holiday is about 11 days, the weekend opened a total of three days to open a total of 156

Day. If the annual government reception day for 10 days, then the full year of the lights of the second modes for the time of 177 days, the annual electricity consumption can be calculated by the status quo of the current situation of 48.5%. Assume that third modes can turn off the scene 30%

Capacity, only 21 days before the official holidays and government reception day all open, through the calculation of the annual electricity consumption can be used for the current situation of 71%. Assuming that these three models accounted for the entire urban landscape lighting projects

20%, 50% and 30%. Through a simple calculation, the use of energy saving mode control of the annual electricity consumption and the proportion of the status quo should be: 100%*20%+50%*48%+71%*30%=65%. mutually

Than the current situation can reduce electricity consumption 35%.

Three, implementation approach

In the three control modes, the first one is the same as the current control without any modification. And the other two, can

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is added in the power distribution box. Take SIEMENS's general logic control module, LOGO, as an example, which integrates control, operation, and reality units, power supplies, and program module interfaces

Switch, etc.. In addition to the basic, and / or not all kinds of logic control, but also to complete the timing, counting and clock functions. In the case of power down, LOGO! Able to maintain internal operating parameters for 80 hours, foot

To meet the needs of control.

In the program, according to LOGO, which comes with the clock to set the lights and turn off the lights and automatically determine whether the day for the weekend. The use of "three remote", "GPRS" and other means of remote control can send a major street lights and government reception day lights. For the three day of the weekend, for example, the workflow diagram is shown in figure 1.

Rely on LOGO in normal mode! Can be achieved on the weekend three days open, while the remaining date closed. In case of major festivals and government reception day, the remote control signal can be opened by the installation of facilities. Partial open mode, just use LOGO! The rest of the output points are connected with a contactor with a high power load, and the remote control can also be used to open the part of the facility in the major festivals and the government reception day.

Four, concluding remarks

Under the new situation of energy shortage, the energy saving of urban landscape lighting is significant and far-reaching. By adding simple control devices in the power distribution system, the use of a reasonable turn on the lights to reduce the annual lighting time. Compared to other

The use of new light source, electrical appliances, as well as the installation of energy-saving devices is more direct and effective, and the cost of investment is relatively small. The resulting energy-saving effect is indeed considerable. In addition, reduce the time to turn on the lights

At the same time, the service life of the lamp itself is improved, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

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