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Design of intelligent solar street lamp in high grade residential district

The concept of "environmental protection" is designed for intelligent residential area. In this paper, the tilt angle and capacity, the capacity of the battery and the super capacitor are designed. The new light source LED is adopted to enhance the lighting effect and prolong the service life of the lamp. Using the super capacitor, the charging efficiency is improved, the service life of the battery is increased, and the battery waste is reduced. The results show that solar energy, LED and super capacitor are a good combination. At the same time, the use of super capacitor, is conducive to the development and promotion of this green energy storage components.

In today's increasingly serious energy crisis, the development and utilization of solar energy is not only saving energy and protecting the environment. Solar street lamps, no wiring, easy installation, a day after the investment without electricity costs, maintenance workload is small, so it is very popular, its application is becoming more and more popular. As the intelligent community to energy saving and environmental protection as the theme is to make full use of solar energy, Cangzhou City, a smart residential installed 12 solar street lights in the sunshine of the fitness Plaza and the gate, the design as described below.

First, the general situation of the project

Residential buildings are mostly small high-rise buildings, downstairs street lighting is not sufficient, not suitable for solar street lights, so only in the fitness Plaza and the door of the sun is plenty of solar panels. Square length 80 m, width of 20 m. In accordance with the norms of residential street lamps, in both sides of the square were installed 5 solar street lights, spacing of 20 m, cell door installed a total of 2, a total of 12 solar street lights.

Two, system structure and design

Application of intelligent community is not only high-tech, pay more attention to energy saving and environmental protection, the solar street lighting system based on solar lights further optimized using LED light source and super capacitor charging, higher efficiency, longer service life than ordinary elements, solar street lamp more energy saving and environmental protection. The solar energy street lamp system is mainly composed of a photovoltaic cell plate, an energy storage battery, a super capacitor, a lighting lamp and a controller.

1 lighting fixtures and control mode design

(1) lighting design

The traditional lighting efficiency is low, such as incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, etc., is not suitable for intelligent building energy saving concept, the performance of various lighting source is shown in table 1. White light LED lamps with high brightness, light effect of 45 lm/W, although not high, but the light emitted in the visible range, suitable for lighting. LED lamp life is long, up to 100000 h or more, can effectively reduce the garbage. In addition, the LED is powered by a low-voltage DC power supply, which is more secure, and is suitable for frequent opening and closing. Therefore, the solar lighting system chose 12 V, 10 W white light high power LED lamps, the light effect can reach up to 450 lm/W, equivalent to 50 W incandescent lamp, can achieve good lighting effect.

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