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Definition and connotation of urban lighting

Urban lighting includes urban functional lighting and urban landscape lighting. National documents issued by the Ministry of construction, a clear explanation of the existing city lighting, city lighting that is a general term for city lighting and landscape lighting, mainly refers to the city within the scope of the roads, streets, residential areas, bridges, tunnels, squares, parks, and public green building features such as lighting and landscape lighting at night. In other words, the term "urban lighting" refers to the permanent fixed lighting facilities in an outdoor public land, as well as the lighting provided by the outdoor or indoor lighting system in the building. In addition to meet the functional requirements of lighting, but also in the use of lighting lighting will be the object to make the landscape remodeling, combined organically into a harmonious, beautiful and distinctive landscape pictures, in order to show a city or region image of the night. The first is that city residents of city lighting at night life to provide the necessary illumination for the purpose, following with the development of city, not only provides a visual environment using functional light for people of all night activities, but also through a variety of brightness, color, direction, and it's two times to create a space of city effect to influence the human the psychological and emotional characteristics of light. City lighting function is to solve the safety and comfort of the functional requirements of lighting, safety, crime prevention, disaster prevention considerations based on (Figure 1, 4), and its technical indicators such as lighting brightness, power relationship. Reasonable visibility can eliminate the fear of night outdoor activities and reduce the occurrence of criminal cases, it is necessary to meet the needs of people living at night, the light of action. Concrete can be divided into motor vehicle and non motor vehicle road lighting road lighting, bridge and tunnel lighting, outdoor sports lighting, lighting and outdoor work area safety, security lighting and outdoor advertising logo lighting etc.. City landscape lighting is on the basis of economic and social development, people more on the city lighting level of beauty pursuit and exploration, mainly to meet the aesthetic needs of the overall image and enhance the city people (see Figure 1 - 5). Specifically, the city of the city night landscape lighting is a kind of carrier can cause a good visual feeling by lighting, landscape lighting, buildings can be divided into various types of square landscape lighting, commercial street landscape lighting, landscape lighting, landscape lighting, mountain water and other public facilities for the construction of decorative lighting etc.. Obviously, the core is the landscape lighting landscape lighting, it is to be judged from the overall atmosphere of the environment and the audience feel the cultural background of the lighting function; and pay attention to the uniformity of the technical indicators such as visibility,, so it can be said that the city lighting is the integration of lighting technology and art. The picture is Tutu of Shenzhen city Baoan District street reconstruction effect for Sichuan Leshan city square landscape lighting real map source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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