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Definition and concept of lighting design in decorative design

Lighting design can be divided into direct and indirect two. Direct lighting refers to the direct type of light, such as chandeliers and spotlights, light scattered directly in the designated position, cast a circle of light and shadow, for lighting or highlight the theme of the use of direct, simple. Indirect lighting in the atmosphere to create a unique function can be used to create a different artistic conception.

The introduction of the green lighting indoor lighting light direction security lighting energy-saving light pollution 1-3 lamp "light health" water cube art lights Qinling Mountains tunnel lighting design concept the future editor of this paragraph is the basic introduction of lighting design, lighting design, lighting is a more flexible and interesting design elements, can become the focus and the atmosphere of catalyst. The theme of a place, can strengthen the existing lighting design lighting design. [] Huang layering.

The lighting arrangement can be divided into two kinds: direct and indirect.

Direct lighting refers to the direct type of light, such as chandeliers and spotlights, light scattered directly in the designated position, cast a circle of light and shadow, for lighting or highlight the theme of the use of direct, simple.

Indirect lighting in the atmosphere to create a unique function can be used to create a different artistic conception.

It's not the direct light to the ground, but was placed behind the wall, ceiling or concave, is behind the wall decoration shop, the light is projected onto the wall to be reflected on the ground, the soft light seemed to gently wash the entire space, gentle and romantic.

The appropriate combination of these two lights, in order to create a perfect space artistic conception. Special note: this site reproduced all the comments do not represent the views of this site, such as the need for related products, please contact the site, the copyright belongs to the original author.

Some bright and lively, some gentle and refined, through the contrast to show the unique personality of the light, exudes extraordinary artistic charm. In the use of home lighting to warm the bedroom, study and kitchen to bright and practical, the living room to be rich, there are layers, there is artistic conception, the restaurant should be romantic, bathrooms to warm, soft. I think this lighting arrangement has reached its highest efficiency.

The utility model relates to a fluorescent lamp with three primary colors, which is a new light source which can save a lot of money and energy, and can improve the quality of lighting light. Because of its small power, high illumination, color temperature is good, when the light does not produce heat, which is also known as "cold light".

From the perspective of energy saving and health, people give it as a "green lighting" nickname.

In recent years, it has penetrated into various fields at a rapid speed, and into millions of households.

(a) the superiority of the TV cold light lamp, the TV cold light lamp is not only a system, but also can be matched with other similar lamps. Its development and application, expand a wide use lights, lighting a new field for television lighting. In the process of the conversion from analog to digital and high definition, the TV cold light lamp is adapted to the needs of the development of video recording equipment.

(1) desalination, shadow elimination, reproduce the natural light effect? Large area light television cold light lamp with a soft, uniform, soft and clear, with no obvious traces of direct light spot, desalination and eliminates the irradiated object shadows (projection), the shooting out of the picture is clean and deep clear and natural, than the traditional television lighting direct light shooting out of the picture, can more vividly reproduce the object of natural light in natural light effect.

(2) the light is soft, delicate, clear picture, lifelike scenes? Television cold light lamp solves the global light lamp, tungsten film, light spot is too stiff, change or destroy the characters depicted design, scene atmosphere contrast, makeup artistic effect, provides lighting conditions reproducing real scene effect, can realistically reflect the characters and scenery. It makes the screen clear, bright color, close to reality, close to the audience.

(3) good lighting effects, the ideal psychological environment? TV not only cold light in a more natural and more subtle lighting effects lighting design lighting design [] fruit meet the lighting requirements of TV art, it is more important to the elimination of the tungsten foam or quartz bulb, iodine tungsten, tungsten halogen bulb (tube) infrared radiant heat generated during the illumination.

The heat will cause the announcer, presenter, actor of mental irritability, tachycardia, high blood pressure, such as red, mouth parched and tongue scorched the discomfort. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of convenient lighting and light environment, and has the advantages of easy work and psychological environment

(4) adaptable and easy to operate

Television cold light lamp light structure, light easy selection, suitable for working in any environment, not only can be self-contained, as well as other lamps and the same color, is suitable for indoor, also suitable for outdoor, only suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting lamp can be replaced with different color temperature. Realize the integration of internal and external lamp. 220V/36W 6 tube lamps only 216W, so the power supply capacity is limited, the advantages of cold light is more obvious.

The cold light lamp can not be controlled by a light adjusting platform, and can be connected with a power supply, and can also be used to enter the light control platform of the dimming platform according to the requirement. The utility model has the advantages of convenient hanging and simple installation.

(5) safety, energy saving and the new concept of TV cold light for us to create a new way to save energy and money. The Sichuan TV news studio as an example.

1 cold light lamp power consumption accounted for only 10% of the traditional film and television, the maximum power of the lamp but 440W, greatly reducing the load on the power system requirements.

2 cold light than traditional lights, the effective distance of light is relatively short (less than 3m), the light source (lamp) positioning is relatively reduced and fixed, then [] design lighting design studio lighting equipment and space height is relatively lower and the simplified space structure.

According to the relative distance between the camera and the subject is the basic requirements of the basic object distance and a cold light illumination and cold light lamp and announcer, news studio space length and width and height is 3:2:1m. This is not only into the new ideas and the transformation of the new news studio, in capital investment and construction period of time, will also form a new pattern.

3 cold light lamp to maximize the conversion of electrical energy into light, not only improve the quality of lighting, but also "cool" working environment, to achieve the purpose of saving energy, protecting the environment and safe production.

Television cold light lamp based on "3 point" lighting mode of sublimation whether it is television cold light soft light, light or hard film bubble tungsten lamps, the figures of artistic creation, is by adjusting the light source (lamp) of different angle and light intensity to complete. Because of the light and the light intensity is proportional to the distance (that is, the more weak, the closer the stronger), if there was light scattering from cold light illumination intensity enough ideal, only the luminescent lamp is arranged in the distance of objects and the subject is relatively short, generally not more than 3m, with its main choice and the configuration of other light.

1, expand the main and auxiliary backlight 3 lights mode? Television cold light scattering light lamp is a large area of scattering light, the light is very convenient. It is through the selection and configuration of the size of the lamp power, adjust the lamp to be photographed with the distance and height between objects to complete the lighting of plastic arts. Because the cold light lamp can be self-contained, can also be the same color lamps and other coordination, its modelling art and lighting method not only compared with the direct light lights other more perfect, but also make up for reflection and light spot caused by direct intentional defects such as false.

In practice, we have adopted the method of lighting design.

1 in the cold light lamp, lights direct the same color of light only backlight, backlight directly with cold light scattering film with spotlight minimum power using a 220V/300W lamp, lamp is also available in other 220V/500W or 220V/800W.

At the beginning, we used these small lights to be the face of the person, but because of the strong spot, hard light, light and shade, or by the limitations of the site is required to repeatedly weaken the intensity of illumination. However, after the weakening of the illumination, the color temperature has changed, so we have to change the distance and direction of the light source to meet the requirements of color temperature and illumination. As a result, not only can not achieve the purpose of only the opposite side of the decoration, but undermine the effect of the overall character of the artistic modeling and working environment. When placed in the backlight backlight or side position, the situation is not the same. Practice shows that 220V/500W, 750W, 800W, 1000W direct light lights and light scattering light mixed cold light lamp only figures of light or the backlight, the best effect. This is determined by the nature of the direct light.

Other small lamps in 2 hybrid lighting color temperature similar? In order to seek an ideal lighting effect, we use the direct light lamps small and small power in the production of some programs in. This kind of lamps are generally low pressure bubble, such as: 6V/30W, 12V/36W, 24V/50W, 250W[lighting design lighting design, but also with a small 220V/300W spotlight. These lamps are not only has a strong and accurate light direction, and small spot, with soft paper, and in the cold light of equal distance (or closer, subtle) orientation of facial make detailed description, to make up for the modeling of natural problem, makes the picture more rich. Small, small power direct light lamps and cold light lamp has the same color temperature, in the relative distance between the illumination is almost uniform.

Due to irradiation of cold light lamp distance to the object is generally not more than 3m, which requires and other lamps can fit it in close coordination in light or complement each other.

Direct light lamp small, small power right up to the cold light, and large power, high illumination of the other film and television direct light lamps, here is obviously some put fine timber to petty use.

The "localization" of the "3 point" and "delicate" shape is lighting in the cold light scattering light "the most natural and direct light angle and reverse the whole illumination to complete.

Using 3 point lighting mode static setting, the main and auxiliary light, light than roughly: the main light source and reverse light source ratio is 1:2, 1:15, 1:12

The ratio of the main light source to the auxiliary light source is 15:1.

In addition, cold light self-contained lighting, the number of scattering light and direct light two light ratio, the best effect is: 3/4 (Fang Xing) cold light scattering light lighting: 1/4 (circular) direct light lamp cold light lamp direct light lamps and other similar color, or 4/5[lighting design lighting the design of cold light scattering (Fang Xing): 1/5 lamps (round) cold light lamp direct light lamp or other similar color direct light lamps. Sichuan TV news studio is a self-contained cold light lamp. The lamp is the number of 3/4 scattering light: 1/4 direct light lamp; special column with cold light scattering light studio lighting and color similar to direct light lamps lighting coordination is the number of 4/5 lamps, scattered light lamps: 1/5 sunlight lamp.

Whether it is television cold light scattering light lamp with its own direct light lamps lighting coordination, or similar with other color direct light lamps lighting direct light lamps are coordinated, only with other light more clearly, so as to reflect the characteristics of Oriental delicate facial hair, black, in order to obtain the best artistic effect of lighting.

The light, natural, cold light of the lamp shades the shadows

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